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  • Knox, I live in the Powell area and have had a corn snake since 11/14. It is about 3' long and about 260g. I have been buying frozen mice at Petco, but have been looking into ordering online. Even ordering a small number and paying the minimum shipping will save me about half. Do you order online and would you be interested in combining an order to save shipping costs? Thanks, Ward.
    Hey Knox. Thanks for all the good info on sani-chips. I placed an order! Just checking, but it sounds like you've never had an issue with bugs being the chips. Is that right?
    If you are ever down towards Myrtle Beach, give me a shout, I'll buy you dinner. I really enjoyed your post on the God thread until things went south.
    Hey Knox , Just thought I'd stop by. I lived in Knoxville for 8 years. Go Vols.....
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