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  • They are so beautiful, but I _think_ they will lose their reds. Just what I think. Remember my Jewel, that used to belong to Mike B? She's in TX now. But she was orange and black and yellow as a baby, and ended up being black and wheat and gold. Still gorgeous, but no more orange.
    English (and written communication) is very important to me. Whenever I see somebody use English as well as you do AS A SECOND LANGUAGE, I can only imagine how well you must communicate in your FIRST language! I only wish I could do as well with ANY second language, lol!
    Hey bro I've been gone for a while, just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear u lost fav girl. I know no matter how many sorrys u read or are said it won't bring her back, but at least in my opinion she couldn't have had a better keeper. Sometimes I just think that Murphy's law just picks on the best of us to test our resolve, I recently lost my baby twin Borneo blood python for reasons out of my control and it broke my heart. I hope all turns out well and the rest of ur beautiful collection is safe and healthy. Take care bro.
    What you need to do is check if they are CB or not. The recommendation to avoid WC is not because of the attitude issue that is common, but the potential for bearing internal parasites, and a shorter lifespan. That's one ride I suggest avoiding unless you are very confident, and capable of treating for internal parasites yourself.
    As a general rule of the thumb, when I checked a year or so back, they didn't do well in captivity at all.
    Yeah, the one I held freaked out a bit once it warmed up on my hands, but I don't feel like it wasn't something I couldn't work with. It was about a 1.5 inches in diameter and didn't actually attempt to bite or musk or poop on me (can boas even musk?).

    They had a pair or trio, and I'm not sure if they were WC, but I saw no scars, old injuries, or parasites. If I see some again, I'll be sure to give them a long look. And have the decency to take some pictures. I was so shy at Repticon. XD
    Hey, have you ever kept viper boas? I held one for a bit at Repticon back in late August and, though it was a little spazzy, I really liked the way it looked and felt. I don't plan on keeping too many snakes anymore and focusing on little ones (ground boas, maybe a few rat snakes, etc), so I'm just wondering if you have any suggestions since you keep the bigger boas.
    Ah great,
    So I will contact you there.
    Please keep me posted via email/PM over at RTB though- I don't want to have to nag...
    Oh, I check into redtailboas about once daily, you can reach me there too in the evening/night my time. I will shoot you an email when I get back from the bank on Saturday.
    Since you're here I'm replying here, but yeah, I will reply by email in the future. I apologize. You have no idea what kinds of -stuff- is going on at work & I get really reclusive when work goes to -stuff-. Right now I am on hold trying to clean up messes that aren't even my problem but -stuff- lands on my desk because no one else is willing to do it.
    I'm dead for tax purposes. LOL You caught me in a 30 second break. I tried to go to the bank, sat there for 30 minutes waiting, had to leave to get to work, next time is Saturday but at least then I can sit however long it takes.
    I'm buried in emails & work but I will look for it tonight. I am sure it is there, I just didn't read it as I have been working a lot of hours.
    I am wavering between 3.2 & 2.3. The girls are prettier on the whole but would be easier to sell a male than a female? I dunno. Then given how good looking the girls are they may well go to people who will breed them, so that would make females desirable, as someone would either want a 1.1 or 1.2... I just don't know what would be best.
    I will be getting back to you on picks this weekend, gotta look closely at the pictures. I would also like your input on who would be good choices.

    Not worried about sexing mistakes, I KNOW they happen in snakes because the "junk" isn't on the outside for easy viewing. I'll deal as long as I end up with 1 of each out of the group! :)
    Oh, I meant to ask -- that little expo baby -- his mom is 8' & the father 5'. Is it likely the mom is not close to her adult length? I wouldn't breed a subadult female corn, too risky, isn't that risky for boas too? Or could that female still gain substantial length?
    Well, I don't PLAN on having full size BCI, or BCC, but I won't say it can't happen, because then of course it will happen. It sounds like, though, retired breeder rodents are never good for BCI, and obese rodents aren't either, which is useful to know. But multiple are OK? Cool. I can do that.

    I think it's time for me to fall asleep -- it's now 3:30 here and I'm starting to yawn. Have a good rest of the work day, OK, my friend?
    Nah, you will not reach a point where a snake of yours will need more than 2 adult rats per meal.
    Unless you decide to take on normals for God knows what reason :)
    Sounds like if I ever have a snake big enough to take jumbo rats I should move to small bunnies, huh?
    So pick rats that are relatively lean not plump? The Zucker obesity gene has probably moved out of the black and white rats it was originally seen in so I'm not sure the colors help. I am pretty darn sure I've seen rats homozygous for Zucker that were white -- they were your typical pink-eyed white rat except they were nearly spherical.
    Got it. I've got some quite large mice that are not obese, they are big framed. Those should be good, right?
    Right. Give him the largest mouse he can handle- make sure to never give oversized mice though, they are very sensitive to high quantities of fat- it can be lethal to them.
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