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  • hi i'm new with the snake hobby and I would like to start out with a black motley Cornsnake female a baby if possible do you or anyone you know live by or in alberta,ca that can hook me up with my first snake?
    Rebecca I am coming down to the Fraser Valley next week from Vernon and wonder if there is a chance I could meet with you and see your beautiful snakes? I am particularly wondering about the female corn anery motley/stripe het dilute that at the time listed weighed 94 g--do you still have her? I am thinking about purchasing a second snake for my daughter.
    Hi, I came across photos of your hypo strawberry het snow corn and was completely blown away!

    Do you have any background on this snake?

    Donovan Winterberg
    Thanks for your recent post of the Banna Kings. I just regifted a snake to Iguanagirl8662 that had the same look as the one you posted but I wasn't sure what type of king it was. Now I can tell her. thanks again.
    Hey there I don't know if you'll remember me or not .. last year I bought two babies off of you at the calgary rep expo I came in from Medicine Hat... anyways I have since aquired a few diff adults and am trying my hand at breeding this year... I put together my hypo lav and my what i believe to be a snow stripe (I posted pics in my profile) and I have a few questions about possibilitiy of morphs and pricing as I am brand new to this.... Thanks
    i saw the post where you showed a pic of your viv room. That looks great you have a beautiful setup there !
    Hey Rebecca,
    Congrats, I did read the post in the thread and responded appropriately ;)

    I PM'ed you the information on the snakes from last Fall and Pete.
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