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  • I'm about 5 months late seeing this (conversations don't give me an alert), so pardon my late response. I kept 30 corns for a year with unregulated heattape that was 150ish. No burns. Don Soderberg has kept 40,000 or so on unregulated flex with the same results. I'm not saying they "can't," I'm just saying a healthy one will not, as long as it can get off the heat.
    You know what, hold off on the tank although I really appreciate it. I have 3 unused ones now, I just get so into the purchasing and setups of everything that I have way more than I need!

    I do prefer the fish aquariums, the lids are more heavy duty and when my cats sit on top of them (an unavoidable situation) the metal lids are sturdier.

    Thanks again, lady, and I hope your birthday was awesome!
    Hi, I could definitely pick up a tank for you, but I just wanted to make sure you know that their $1 per gallon sale doesn't apply to reptile tanks, so it would be a 40 gallon fish tank, which does not come with a lid. Let me know!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    Aw! Thanks!! I just realized about a year ago that there was some sort of index- WAY at the bottom!!
    Yes, I would be happy to order with you. Let me know next time you place an order. Scarlett is on fuzzies and I picked up a corn off of Craigslist that is the same age as Scarlett but has been on 1 pinky a week for 1 1/2 years! Skinny little guy, so I am doing two pinkies every 5 days, and he is scarfing them down. I found him on Craigslist, he is an Amel Stripe but only 25g as opposed to Scarlett's 60g.

    Thanks again!
    Hi. I buy my mice from Professional Reptiles or Layne Labs. I'm not sure how far Maricopa is from Chandler, but if you ever want to go in on an order with me, I wouldn't mind splitting shipping. And Damon's website is cornsnakeforsale.com, so you were pretty close!
    Hi! It is a Hypo Lav Stripe and I don't currently have any available. Sorry!
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