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  • I always thought he had a small neck/head compared to his body, I even posted it on one of my threads b4 and they said his head looked normal.....sometimes it looks normal to me then other times it doesn't, gahhh! lol why does this have to be so confusing!! I looooooooove Charlie! Give him lots of lovin' for me!! Hey you were suppose to show me your tattoo woman & you never did!!! lol
    Oh!!! And I forgot to mention I exercise his butt everyday except withing the 48 hrs after feeding or while he's in shed!!
    Hey Tracee! Hope all is well w/ you & Charlie! Curious, what did u mean by the no neck look? I feed Dallas a regular size mouse every 7 days. I was told when he hits 300 grams to move it to every 10-14 days. He has the loaf shap all the way down his body, no rolls or hips yet! He's at 257 grams now, I haven't measured his length yet....I don't want him to get fat! :-(
    Thanks for the comments on my artwork! I figured at least a few people from the snake world would like it. Also, have any updated pictures of your big cream boy? He is so awesome, and I LOVE that you still have the same avatar from way back. ;)
    Oh I know! !!! Now i know what he is ill make sure to not call him a corn! Never ever trade Dallas either!
    Omg! Tracee guess what?! I just found out from the breeder I got Dallas from that he's a creamsicle too! Wooohooo!
    I must learn from you! Girl, what have u been feeding that beautiful snake! OMG its gorgeous! Were both parents that size? From it being a year old, until now, how did you feed him & exercise him to be so big & healthy? Please share the secret! I'm so envious
    Hi Vicky. Yes I took it, a lot of years ago, it's a bad photo as it was with a very basic mobile phone. It was just a very lucky shot - right place right time!! :)
    Hi Tracee, I figure, if it works it works! I tried carpet, it was ok, I just got tired of the extra wash loads! The coir works great for me, but ya know, each his or her own... ;-) Good thread, good posts....
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