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  • Congrats on the house! You used to have a lot of land, didn't you? I guess the good thing about giving a snake to a vet; he should be taken care of well. :) My dum Dexter eats chicks like a, hmm, I don't know, like a snake that really really loves chicks I guess. He's really growing now. My albino girl is the sweetest thing ever. My wife is going to kill me because I won a boa yesterday on another forum. It was a 1/100 chance pick-a-number type contest. Yikes. I think I'll re-home my amel tessera female corn, if I can find her a home with someone I trust to take good care of her.
    Send me some pics!! I wanna see him grow. Also, I'd love to see his enclosure and setup. Keep me updated
    HAHA! I know. Hey, over at redtailboas.com they're raffling a bunch of snakes for a guy who lost his house, in case you want to take a chance at winning a boa. I'm thinking of buying a few tickets for a georgeous albino.
    Hello, I'm new on here trying to find a GOOD home for my son's two corns. I live in Pinehurst, NC. I just took a million pictures of them. One female, one male.
    Thanks, Damon
    If I'm allowed I will try to add my email address of here: [email protected]
    Wait, it gets better. If I already told you this, I'm sorry, but I don't see it on our thread. So after Dex ate the hopper the vet said to put another in with him right away because his feeding response would be high right after eating. So the next night I put an adult mouse in with him and he ate it. Last week he refused again, but just tonight he ate another adult mouse. This is great. He's gaining weight. How awesome. My new boa eats like a machine: strike/coil/act tough/swallow. So, your girl is still eating but won't eat f/t, right? What is her weight, just out of curiosity? Hope all is well with you guys.
    DEX ATE!! Put an f/t hopper in with him last night with a "yeah right." woke up this morning; no mouse. what the...? I'm soooooo happy.
    Well, I assist fed him two more rat pinkies after he refused another meal: little butt-head. I sure hope this won't be permanent! Come up with a name yet?
    I like the Saturn idea, but I think you'd have to explain it to everyone, just because everyone would think of the planet, IMO. A valentines day name for your boy could be Valentino or Romeo. Juliet for your baby girl? My son just named his new bearded dragon Aaron Rodgers, for the Packers quarterback, LOL. Aphrodite is the goddess of love. another girl name I kinda like is Calypso. I'll try to think of more...
    Hehe. I happen to think that all of the problems we're having with our dums will only add to my love of Dex. as will yours of your girl. He has already taught me a lot, and to get over certain fears (like sticking my finger in his mouth!!) and to deal with the ugly but real problems that snake owners must deal with, like mites, and will ultimately make me a better snake owner. Hmm. Deb is the name of Dexter's sister, in the show. Not sure if that makes a good snake name. We need a name for your girl...
    No, not really. He refused food last week, after being assist-fed several rat pinkies over the previous weeks. I'm wondering if since I'm assist feeding him, does it matter if I use live or f/t? I'd think not, but I'm not sure. Last week I discovered he has mites!! He's being treated, but this could also be a factor in his not eating. I'm much more relaxed and patient about the whole thing now though. I'll get him mite-free, continue to offer prey, and assist feed to keep him nourished, and eventually he'll be good.

    I'm really glad to hear your girl is doing better. What I've read is that you shouldn't worry about feeding live; just get them eating regularly, and then convert them later. Actually, now that I think of it, Kathy Love told me that when I spoke with her at the Phoenix Repticon. She ought to know!! :) How cute that your dum likes to cuddle. Dexter is very cool too; he just sits on my belly and barely moves except to crawl around by my neck. Some day we'll laugh about these early problems we had, and we'll have big old fat, mellow dums!!
    so far so good. It's been about 28 hours since he had the three pinkies and no regurge. He was out drinking water before too. Cross your fingers that a few more times and he'll begin eating on his own. As far as your big guy, I have heard that adult dums will sometimes fast for the winter. Probably no worries there (easy for me to say, right?). Too bad about your corn being a boy.
    Hello there. How's your little girl and big boy doing? Dexter still wasn't eating. However, last week at the Repticon Expo here in Phoenix, I met a shop owner who has been really great and helpful. Today he took Dexter and assist-fed him three rat pinkies. I know some people frown on this procedure, but he has tons of experience and says that this is the way to go, that Dex's swallow reaction needs to develop and that this will help him. Anyway, Dex is currently resting with three rat pinkies in his belly, so I'm happy about that. Hope your holidays are going well and your family, including the legless members, are happy and safe. Josh
    Thanks. We're in Arizona, so I don't like to run the heat unless it really gets nippy at night (like low 60's in the house, hehe), but I was worried about Dex getting cold. Well, we had some heat lamps lying around, so I started using them (one day and one night), and as soon as I did, Dex started hanging out by them, so I think it was a good move. Now my variance is about 87 - 69, warm to cool. Now I just need him to EAT!
    Hey! Another failed feeding attempt. He wanted nothing to do with it. Any thoughts on the matter? He's now gone a month without food. I know that it could be just the time of year. On a boa forum, most people are saying to stick with it; give him another week and try again. I'm tempted to get a live hopper for him, since that's what they were feeding him. But if he doesn't eat that, what the h*** do I do with it? I'm frustrated.

    I also wonder how you're heating your baby? I've just got the UTH set to 87 on the glass. The cool side is getting pretty cool at night, about 70. Is the UTH enough? Does he need a lamp too to bask? Should I warm the cool side a bit at night, and if so, should I just add another UTH on that side and set it lower, or use a smallish bulb or ceramic heater? I'm eventually going to go with a Boaphile w/flexwatt heating when he's bigger.

    Sorry about the length.
    Thanks for the rep! Yeah... we should be friends. We think alike quite a bit! :)

    Hope you have an awesome holiday season!
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