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  1. ECWcorn

    Straight motley

    I'm looking for a motley with out any other genes or hets, if any exist anymore. Contact me a [email protected]. Have a good one. Eric
  2. ECWcorn

    Your thoughts?

    I have a yearling amel I traded some of my hatchling for. When I first saw him I thought he was a sunglow, but after awhile I wonder if he's creamsicle. What does everyone think? Eric
  3. ECWcorn

    ECW breeding pairing pt 1

    Just thought I'd share. I love seeing what others are doing in there season. Pic #1 Miss Benny (Amery het hypo poss het amel) x Sparky (Cinder\Hypo poss het amel). Pic #2 Honey (Honey het amel ) x Sparky and Sir Pat Pic #3 Sunny (Sunkissed het mot\stripe) x Sparky Pic #4 Love (Aberrant Hypo...
  4. ECWcorn

    Duel sired clutch ?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had or herd of a dual sired clutch? I've herd of it happening with ball pythons, but nothing else . I'm using back up breeders for some virgin males I have going this year. I jumped the gun on one guy how finally figured out what he's supposed to do. Anyway...
  5. ECWcorn

    Snake exercise room

    Thought I'd share an idea I came up with for my snakes. Last year I lost two adult females to egg binding \ dystocia and had two others recovery with a little help. The main reason I think this happened is lack of movement. Snakes get fat and lazy living the tub life. Having food given to them...
  6. ECWcorn

    Red Factor?

    What exactley is a red factor corn? Is it polygenic, is it a morph, or just a fancy name for a nice red corn? Just wondering. Thanks Eric