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2023 Babies


Olivia Barron
This will be my first year with multiple clutches. My first clutch is pipping now and the first baby is out! This clutch will be candy-themed, so this little anery is Raisinet!

Well, all 16 babies are out now. I got a pretty even mix of anery tesseras and aneries (7 tesseras and 9 non-tesseras). No kinks, good weights, and everyone seems healthy. Now to wait for first sheds and then first feeds!


  • 20230619_170659.jpg
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Clutch number 2 is pipping now. This is a much smaller clutch, with only 4 good eggs. Should be lavas and lava tesseras.


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Just wanted to say how much I like that composite photo! Beautiful babies, beautifully shown.

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Unfortunately, nothing good to update. The egg that pipped contained a dead baby that wasn't finished developing. One more egg pipped the exact same way, with just a tiny slit and a kinked, not fully developed baby inside. And the eggs that didn't pip also contained dead babies. It's like they stopped developing a few weeks ago - fully formed mostly white babies (hadn't gotten color yet), and eventually the yolk couldn't support them anymore, but they weren't developed enough to survive outside the egg.

I won't be re-pairing the mom this year, but I'll try again next year. The father of the clutch is here on loan and I never saw a full lock from them despite many sessions (which I always monitor, so I wouldn't miss a lock). So I'm kind of wondering if this clutch was actually a partho clutch. The one baby that had color looked exactly like a lava cinder (mom's morph). The dad is not het cinder, so I shouldn't have gotten any visual cinders. Plus the dad is tessera and none of the 4 babies were tessera.

Anyway, quite a bummer, but that's how it goes sometimes. I still have several neat upcoming clutches, but they aren't due to hatch until late August, early Septemberish.
New babies from a tiny 3 egg clutch pipping today, day 77. I also have one egg from a double clutch that was laid a day after these ones, so I imagine it will be pipping very soon as well.

Last baby is out and it's a stunning lavender! Despite being only 3 eggs, this was a really cool clutch! Now to eagerly await those first sheds to help pinpoint the IDs on these babies.