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Bad/Incomplete Shed: What To Do

Take a plastic container (I used a feeding container with a secure lid and air holes) and put in a washcloth and fill with room temperature water- just enough to cover most of the snake's body, but not over her head so she has to swim. Put the snake in and set a timer for 20 minutes.


  • Lila Sheds 004_800.jpg
    Lila Sheds 004_800.jpg
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I checked Lila after ten minutes, and saw that all of her shed appeared to be in the container, rubbed off by her slithering through the wet washcloth. I took her out and ran her through the washcloth several times to be sure. I noted that the shed included a complete tail tip.


  • Lila Sheds 005_800.jpg
    Lila Sheds 005_800.jpg
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Next, take your beautiful snake out for a photoshoot in her new skin!

Thanks for looking- hopefully this will help someone down the line!



  • Lila Sheds 007_800.jpg
    Lila Sheds 007_800.jpg
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  • Lila Sheds 009_800.jpg
    Lila Sheds 009_800.jpg
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Nanci your so wonderful girl! Lila is so happy she has a Momma like you! :)

And thanks for the instructions. I always wondered how to do it.

kisskiss! :p
What a beauty! I've only had a few bad sheds like that, and I did pretty much the same thing. I left them in a container full of damp paper towels for a couple of hours.
Hey Nanci....thank you so much. Just came across this. I should be getting my first corns in tmrw (Weds), pretty excited about it. A Common and a Miami Phase.
Been doing alot of homework on all aspects, and this idea of yours is terrific. I'll definitely bookmark. Thank you.
Oh.....and Lila is Gorgeous :D
I wish all good advice came with such nice pictures! That was very helpful. Lila is just lovely. :)
I can't tell you how many times I've dug this out this week! At least when I made the thread, I made a title I could remember...
i tried it.. is this right??



i filled up the container a liitle bit with water.. and put that cloth..

does he look good to you?