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Bad/Incomplete Shed: What To Do

I'm so glad I found this! I got my corn snake about a month ago. He's about 2. He's going through a bad shed right now so I tried soaking him, but he flipped out about being placed in the water (it was lukewarm, not too hot, not cold!). He still has a lot of the old skin on. Should I give him a few more days before trying again?
Going to try this for Bandit's next shed. His first shed came off in two pieces. Since I have a more natural tank with LOTS of wood and things to catch the skin on, I didn't think much of it. But this time the shed was littered about the bottom of the enclosure and he seemed to have a much harder time. Even pulled a scale off his side somehow. :(

Great sticky, and thanks for the write-up!

I have always given mine a "bath." I fill a bowl with luke warm water, and let him soak for a minute or two. I can then usually use my hands to start the shed again, and he's able to wiggle on out of it with no problems.
Next, take your beautiful snake out for a photoshoot in her new skin!

Thanks for looking- hopefully this will help someone down the line!


Wow, your snake's new skin is absolutely stunning! The colors and patterns are so vibrant and unique. Taking her out for a photoshoot was a great idea to showcase her beauty. Your post is not only visually captivating but also informative.
If your snake sheds, and all you find is a few pieces, check the snake to make sure all the shed has come off. You may find your snake still has pieces of shed clinging to her! Don't worry, but don't leave her like that, either.
hello nice to see you all today

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