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Breeding Plans for 2005!


Down with the sickness
Alright, my boss has asked me to work on his website, and after working on it for the last couple of weeks, I am sure I will not want to look at code again for at least a couple of months. So this is my alternative to making my own website, at least for the time being. I have resolved to try and post pics and backgrounds of at least one breeding pair a day and I should have them all up by the time things start hatchling!

In the meantime, here are my 2005 breeding plans, I will link pictures as soon as I have them up! Thanks for looking!

Note: You'll see many references to my Hypo Miami X Keys project, to find out more see this thread

Hypo Keys/Miami X Normal Keys/Miami
(Mama's Boy X FTwin ) 9 eggs layed 2/23/05
Both snakes from my "Upper Keys X Hypo Miami" line.

Miami het Amel, Hypo X Miami het ??
(Tootsie X Awesome) 9 eggs, 1 slug layed 2/28/05
All 9 hatched, 8 Miamis, 1 Candy Cane. All are currently on hold.

Keys/Miami x Hypo Keys/Miami
(MTwin X V-Head) 13 eggs layed 3/8/05
More critters from my "Upper Keys X Hypo Miami" line.
We are testing MTwin for Amel and Anery??
Eggs hatched! Got some more "wierd anerys". One male normal available

Hypo Keys/Miami X Snow
(Mama's Boy X Thistle) 14 layed 3/22/05
We are testing to see if the Anery Mama's Boy's is carrying is Anery A.
Eggs hatched! No Anery A's! Normals and Amels

Amel Banded Motley X Orange Candy Cane het Motley
(Bashful X OCC1) 11 eggs layed 4/2/05
Bashful has nice Candy Cane colors we are hoping for some Orange Candy Canes and some
Orange Candy Cane Motleys. Hopefully we will see some nice banding as well.
Pipping Now

Amel Banded Motley X Orange Candy Cane het Motley
(Bashful X OCC2 ) Only 1 fertile egg in her clutch layed 4/2/05
OCC2 is full sister to OCC1 we have the same expectations for her clutch.
Pipping Now

Lava het Anery X Bloodred (Lava X Her and SBBlood)
Hypo Bloodred X Bloodred (HB X Her and SBBlood)

I used both a Hypo Blood male and a Lava male with two Bloodred females, the Lava is still small so I used a Hypo Blood for back up.
I'm expecting Bloodreds het Hypo and Normals het Lava Blood from both females, we can get some project corns paired up that are only half siblings!
17 eggs from one female on 4/2/05 Due anytime now
15 eggs from the other female on 4/8/05

Ghost Stripe het Amel X Ghost het Stripe and Amel
14 eggs layed 4/8/05
Expecting Ghosts, Ghost Stripes, Coral Snows and Coral Snow Stripes

Miami Motley X Miami Motley
(MMM X FMM) 15 eggs layed 4/9/05
Miami Motleys! FMM is het amel, we sure hope MMM is!

Milksnake Phase het Motley X Milksnake Phase Motley
(Rambo X MSM2) 13 eggs layed 3/30/05
Milksnake Phase, Milksnake Phase Motleys, maybe some Amel counterparts?
Pipping Now

Miami het Amel, & Hypo X Hypo Miami het??
(Tootsie X WS Hypo Miami) 13 eggs 3/26/05
Excellent Miamis, Hypo Miamis, maybe Candy Canes.
Hatched! Miamis on hold, Hypo Miamis available soon!

Hypo Bloodred X RED Striped Motley het Hypo and Anery
(HB X Pumpkin) 14 Eggs layed 4/27/05
Normals het Hypo, Bloodred, Motley and Hypos het Bloodred Motley. All possible het Anery

Hypo Bloodred X Hypo Lav
(HB X Pinky) ALL SLUGS :cry:
Hypos het Blood and Lav

Hypo Lav X Hypo Stripe
(Cecil X Hypo Stripe) 14 good eggs layed 4/13/05
Hypos het Lav and Stripe

Hypo Lav X het Hypo Lav
(Cecil X Double Het) 20 Eggs layed 4/20/05
Hypo Lavs, Lavs het Hypo, Hypos het Lav, and double hets this pair consistantly produces Aztecs as well

Hypo Lav X Amber
(Cecil X Amber) 13 good eggs layed 4/3/05
Hypos het Lav and Carmel Due any time!

Miami het Hypo, Amel X Candy Cane het Hypo
(Tootsie X FPCC)16 eggs layed 5/5
Killer Miamis, Candy Canes and Hypo Miamis

Hypo Keys/Miami X 1/2 Keys het Hypo
(Mama's Boy X Garnet)27 eggs layed 4/14/05
Breeding Mama's boy to his Mom to see if the Anery came from her.

Lava het Anery X Amel Stripe
11 eggs layed 4/28/05
Triple hets

Lava het Anery X Ghost
(Lava X Dora) 17 eggs layed 5/2
Normals het Lava, Hypo, Anery and Anerys het Lava and Hypo

Hypo Miami Banded X Banded
13 eggs layed 4/18/05
Hopefully we'll get some Bandeds!

Amel Banded Motley X Amel Banded Motley
(Bashful X FAmbamo)
15 eggs layed 4/11/05

Milksnake Phase het Motley and Amel X Amel Milksnake Phase Motley
13 Eggs layed 4/18/05

Miami Motley X Miami het Amel
(MMM X Clint Miami)
12 Eggs layed 5/3/05

Hypo het Lav Mot X Hypo het Lav Mot
11 eggs layed 5/11

Creamsicle X Root Beer het Creamsicle Motley
15 eggs layed 5/30
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Second Post!!!!

Wow, quite the listing Carol...I need to go through with a fine-toothed comb.

Nice forum. *stretches* Yep, I like it here.
Wow, you're good at that second post thing! Ya I know the list is overwhelming even more me! I can't wait until I can attach pics to all the breeders listed about and start a thread for each of the pairs so everyone can place a "face" with the names. ;)

Thanks for looking Hurley!
Makes the lips tingle don't it?

Kinda catchy Carol! Come to the coronation of the corn corner by Carol from Cali. Congrats! :)
WOW!!!! There's going to be enough "Miami Vice" over in your neck of the woods that I'm almost compelled to wear white pants, a peach T-shirt, and an aqua sportcoat. :crazy02:

Can't wait to see the hatchlings!

Oh, and nice digs ya got here!

Hey Carol,

I was just wondering what a Root Beer is. Any chance of a photo. Also do you have a prediction on what the offspring from the Creamsicle X Root Beer het Creamsicle Motley clutch will look like?

~Jeff C.
I'm not Carol, but...........

Creamsicle X Rootbeer het Creamsicle het Motley would translate to:

Amel X Normal het amel, het Motley.

You should get roughly 50% Normals (Rootbeers) and 50% Amels (Creamsicles) with an unknown 50% possilby het Motley.

I basically removed the emoryi influence in order to make it usable in some of the predicter programs.

A Rootbeer is a normal colored cross between a corn and a Great Plains Ratsnake.

Creamsicle is an amel version of that same cross.

Another variation is called Cinnamon, it's the hypo version of that cross.
Thanks Clint, I must have had a "flashback" to old times when I posted that. Now it's the PC thing to call them "emoryi corns". Yep, just a Creamsicle without the Amel. ;) I'll see if she has shed yet and take a pic, although the "normals" arn't very pretty, they do make some great creams though.
Last edited:
Thanks Clint & Carol,

I just did not recognize the term Rootbeer. Back when I was breeding they were just listed as Corn x emoryi on the price lists. The Creamsicles were the only one that got a name. Clint I really appreciate the way you did it by taking the emoryi influence out.