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Chickadee at the bird feeder

Rich Z

Staff member
These little birds are pretty quick to flit into and out of the bird feeders, so it was just luck that I got video more than a few seconds long of this one who actually seemed to be watching me through the window. He then grabbed a sunflower seed, and landed on a branch in the little tree behind the feeder and showed what he has to go through to get to the seed inside the husk to make a meal out of it.

I love bird watching. My favorite birds in my yard are the humming birds.

I have some Sparrows that visit frequently, and a family of crows as well, which are also favorites of mine. They're quite the characters.
Nature has not endowed tits with the ability to forage for food anywhere and anyhow, so feeding tits is essential. Other birds - sparrows, pigeons, crows - can somehow survive the winter cold by finding food on the ground, in dumps, garbage dumps, but tits just need our help. Tits can feed on any kind of feeder, but they have to make do with what they can grab from the feeder as soon as it is convenient. For the feeder to be mainly accessible to tits, it must be made in a particular way to be convenient for the bird. On trimthatweed.com, I found a lot of advice about what kind of feeders to make.
Love the way it holds the seed down with its foot to work on it.
Last week I was off from work and hung out in the back yard …saw a hummingbird and later at dusk saw a pair of screech owls fly into my oak tree. It motivated me to order a nest box to see if they take to it.
Would have liked to see a pair o tits though.....ha ha!