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Cool looking mantis

Rich Z

Staff member
We see these critters around here now and again, but it's purely luck to spot one. They can be nearly invisible on some backgrounds. This one just happened to be on a partially downed pine tree that a few fence lizards tend to hang out on, so I always look for them when walking by. So I just happened to see this one on that pine tree bark.

Wow, look at that awesome coloration! I always enjoyed catching these guys as a kid (okay, I still enjoy it as an adult!), but the ones we have here are only ever solid green or solid brown.
A Gizzled Mantis! I love those guys and I've missed see them since our move north. They are almost impossible to find when they are on lichen or moss because the blend so well. They remind me of Mossy frog in that way.
Thanks for sharing and I'm a little jealous.