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Honey bees

Rich Z

Staff member
Our citrus trees have been blooming like crazy this year, and the honey bees (as well as butterflies, bumble bees, etc.) have been working the flowers really hard.




Of course, some might have been working harder than others, and some maybe TOO hard....

I can't wait for actual spring weather, so I can plant my beneficial bee flowers....once we stop getting snow.
Rich do you have honey bees or a hive?

This will be our third year trying to keep bees. This far north seems to be about 50/50 for colony collapse during winter. A couple local keepers are trying to breed a line of bees that are more cold hardy.
No, we aren't trying to maintain a honey bee hive. Not sure where they are coming from. But lots more this year than we had last year. The satsuma tangerines seem to have been pollinated really well, as we have lots of fruits setting. Same for the Asian pears and Connie's pumelo tree. But her Meyer lemons aren't doing as well. LOTS of flowers and just crawling with bees and butterflies, but most flowers don't seem to be setting fruit for some reason.


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