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Hypo truly is a four letter word

What even is this nonsense I don't know anymore



Yes, he is still actually a hypo-type. Pale gray checkers from chin to tail tip


Myst, Ivomun (ghost half-uncle), Teherun (dilute anery motley)


Myst, Teherun, Ivomun


Whole body of all 3 boys

Megan, how are these beauties doing now? Any recent pics?

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One of my pairings for this year will the mom to this boyo paired to a homozygous dilute and I really look forward to that hopefully being the answer even if he's a rather weird looking dilute.



And he's apparently decided that beautiful chocolate brown eyes are necessary

One of my aneries is actually looking kind of similar.

That's why he's so weird! They're clearly an additional mutation to anery but now he just looks anery??? I won't consider his colors fully settled until he's 4, but I also doubt he's going to change very much.
I also like the peachy tones. I love the bright and brilliant morphs, but I am also a huge fan of the subtleties of coloration seen in some other morphs. These definitely fall into that bewitching category for me. And the beautiful brown eyes, as well!
The 7 fertile eggs I got from pairing Myst's mom to a known dilute anery motley have begun hatching. First pip is an anery. I have 6 more chances at seeing a dilute, if this is indeed dilute.
If I don't hatch any dilutes this year, I will be holding onto the dilute male to pair to Moose again in order to truly make sure that my mystery hypo is just not funky looking dilute.


0.0.1 anery het dilute motley 50% hypo +/- 'mystery hypo'
Very pretty Dilute baby. And very nice to have that answer!

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