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I don't understand Tags...please inform


Corns are goram shiny!
When I make a post or start a thread, there is a box below the text box that is labeled TAGS.
It says "You may add 5 tag(s) to this thread."
I understand that TAGS are used when a person does a search, to find relevant information.
So I try to put in tags, and I get a msg saying I can't create them, only use the already-established ones.
So, where is the list and how do I do this?:crying:
I feel like we got tags taken away because people were doing "funny" things with them and Rich Z didn't like it. Maybe search in About This Site for a post about it?
I just clicked the link... People are real dorks sometimes... Total Romper Room.
I just clicked the link... People are real dorks sometimes... Total Romper Room.

It's a damn shame that such a small number of KillJoys can actually ruin things for the rest of us. Especially regarding a function which has the potential to assist in researching something important or useful.

I'd bet that any of the individuals who spend precious time doing things which are contradictory to being helpful to fellow human beings were raised by parents who thought Boys II Men was a daycare center!!

(COME ON folks!! How about the Golden Rule?)
I had a similar problem with tags on FaunaClassifieds, and my solution there was to restrict the use and creation of tags to the original author of a thread. That way if there was abuse, there would be no doubt as to who the perpetrator was and they could be dealt with directly. Which meant an infraction for "Tag Abuse", of course.

I could implement that here if it is actually wanted and members are planning on posting enough (contrary to recent past history) for it to matter any.
I've never had a problem finding what I was looking for in an untagged post using the search function, so I don't really see a need for them. Your solution for Fauna would probably be fine though. I don't feel strongly about it either way.