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Lava het Cinder Males (And Fat Bloodred, Shedding)


Alien Lover
These are a few examples of the color variations.




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Lava het Cinder Males

Feeding day!! The two bloodred males are on the end. The female is blue. That reverse trio of bloodreds possible heterozygous amel, anery, caramel, hypo and lavender is for sale, CHEAP!! (I kept a pair- these big fatties need to find a new home!)

This is the Reptile Basics Iris Rack (Juvenile). Well, actually two, side by side. I'm really happy with them. These racks are ready to use when they arrive, including heat and bins. All I had to do was add a thermostat and melt holes in the bins. I love the Iris bins- they don't have latches like the Sterilites do, so don't have gaps/holes.

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Lava het Cinder Males

I guess this one was blue! (Bloodred male.) Lighting: indoors, sunlight from window, overhead LEDs.

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I haven't done a lot with the lava gene, so I'm curious about the color variation. These guys are nearly two, so they seem to be set in their colors. There are two types, and some intermediate colors. One is what I'd expect- vibrant shades of dark orange in the saddles, with a lighter orange background. But some have the same dark orange/red saddles, with a cream background with light orange mixed in. I've never seen that- but again, I don't have any "plain" lavas. Thoughts, anyone?
REALLY beautiful collection! I would love to have some of your blood-reds! I will have to have a long conversation with the hubby! lol
Nanci your collection is just beautiful! love bloodreds and always look the best when they are done shedding!. :)