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Looking for a nice-sized adult corn (male or female)


Snakes are the new sexy
I'm discovering that adults are surprisingly hard to find. :shrugs: I'd like a nice, large-sized corn (either sex), with the number one criteria being that it is very acclimated to being handled. Prefer a normal or amel; doesn't have to be "breeder" quality but decently pretty. Will be used for environmental education to educate the public (especially children) about snakes and their conservation. Please message or reply if you have a retired breeder, surplus, or rescue. My sweet Ruby is much too small and I'm seeking a replacement snake that is quite a bit larger (preferred minimum 3 feet; larger is better).
Just sent you a pm. Not the right color but I think everything else would fit well enough.
I have some juveniles that are acclimated to being handled. They're neither tiny or large but are very friendly though maybe a bit busy. If you're interested pm me. He's an Ultramel plate and very sweet. Will send pics if interested.
my children have gone of to college and i am looking for a good home for our adult cornsnake if you are still interested in one, it is very gentle and used to being handled