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My non-corn collection

Thank you! The yellow on her is very weird. It's really only visible in sunlight or when taking a picture with the flash on. Most of the rest of the time it's like a khaki tan. When she is inside in her tank she is typically looks either black or grey depending on the time of day.
A few new carpet additions. A pair of farm bred IJ imports with CITES documents. Also a caramel Jag het granite from ebmorelia. The last pic is just a recent one of Gunnie the granite ij.


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Violet rarely gets her picture taken because normally I take pics of the corns, retics and carpets. So it was time to show her some love.


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Some updated pics of my super dwarf retics Jack and Sally. Jack is 2.5yo now and only 56" and weighing about 750g.


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My favorite carpet I have.

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I recently got a new species of colubrids to work with. These are Natrix Natrix Natrix or Europe grass snakes.

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Yup, uscbb. They are tiny. The female is about the size of a baby corn now and will max out around 3' eating med mice. The male currently can fit on a dime and should be 18-24" and eating fuzzies when grown.
After a few years I finally brought myself around to getting another axanthic IJ. My first one was a male that had passed while in quarantine due to kidney failure. This axanthic girl is 66%ph granite.

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I really like the look of the IJ carpet pythons but I've heard they can be temperamental. She's really pretty!

Honestly I wouldn't really call them temperamental. It's more of a defensive nippy behavior for the first year. My granite was nippy for the first year. The two normals I got when they were just a few months old and have shown no issues. The axanthic is a year old and was a breeder hold back with no signs of biting. The carmel jag is still nippy but she also has some neuro when stressed so handling has been limited but she is gradually getting better. Once they are out of that nippy baby stage they are super placid.
Personally for me they are in my #2 spot right after corns. That's for just IJ's not the other carpets. They are way better than my retics, cal kings, balls, trans-pecos, bci, atb, northern pines, house snakes and grass snakes.