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My scorpion haul for the night


Olivia Barron
Where I live in AZ there are a lot of Arizona bark scorpions around. Unfortunately they are the most common scorpion species we have around here and also the most potent. I have yet to be stung, but family members and pets have been stung. During the summer months, my husband and I like to go out and catch as many as we can around our yard. We haven't done it in a while, so we caught a LOT this evening. I think I counted 19.

We use a blacklight to spot them:


Without a blacklight:


And an old pair of snake feeding tongs works wonders for grabbing them!

On my annual trip to Big Bend National Park, TX we caught hundreds of them using cheap black light flashlights. When night herping got dull we would park the car and pull out the flashlights. They were everywhere! In bushes, on rocks, in tall grass. We just didn't see them until we used the flashlights.
It was giddy fun.

We see scorpions around here every now and again. Probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to break out the UV lights I use for diagnosing automobile leaks and show Connie how many are actually around outside. I would hate to have to move. :poke: