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New corn snake doesn't come out of her hide


New member
I recently got a corn snake, about 6 days ago, she hasn't been out of her hide (on the warm side) since.

The warm side varies between 86-89.6, at night it does get a bit chilly.

I think she's in shed but i dont want to handle her much because maybe she's stressed, she's also late for her feeding, but again i think shes stressed and i dont want to disturb her too much.

I'm planning on giving her a bath tomorrow to help her shed and try to feed her, am i doing things correctly or do you advice to do something else, i'm quite worried.
For most snakes, I believe the phrase "benign neglect" is often the best strategy to take.
Don't bathe her. That can actually make her shed worse and it's guaranteed to stress her out. (If she ends up with stuck shed, then a bath can help.)

Since you've only had her for 6 days, I would give her a few more days of settling in before you check on her. Once you check on her, if she is in blue, just leave her be until after her shed. After the shed, you can try feeding her (and then of course leave her be again for two days to digest).
We get it, it's worrisome when you've got a new one and you aren't familiar with each other and your new baby just wants to hide. Please, please give it unmolested time to settle. The blue/preshed phase seems to go on a very long time when you're new to snake keeping. (Also, they turn "clear" again just before shedding. I didn't understand that the first time.) Don't bathe, don't feed in blue, basically don't do anything. Not anything. Your snake isn't gonna starve. Let it be. Young snakes are prey for many things. Your baby just needs to feel safe. As long as your temps are good and there's water available, just leave it be. It's great that you care so much, it really is. But the more you check on it, the longer it will take to feel safe in its new home.

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