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North Florida Weather Today


Alien Lover
The national weather service has issued a Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch for a large portion of Florida. They have never, ever issued one for this area. I am packing up my dogs and bird and seeking shelter, since my home would not be safe.

How are you doing up there, Rich???
Been very windy all day so far. Radar is showing a line of storms heading this way. A tornado watch is in effect till 8pm. Had a tornado watch yesterday up till 7pm. We've had a couple lines of similar looking storm fronts the past couple of days. Getting a lot of rain with them, but so far nothing out of the ordinary.

Seems to me weather like this is normally a Spring event around here, so it's kind of odd in January. Of course, some of our plants are putting out flowers already, so as far as they are concerned, it IS Spring here. Been seeing butterflies around and lots of lizards sunning themselves. I would imagine the spring peepers will be going nuts down by our stream. Heck, I wouldn't mind at all if that last couple of nights we had a week or so ago where it dropped down into the upper 20s will be the extent of our Winter.
The storm front just passed through. Heavy rain, a teeny bit of thunder, and it's over with. Some winds preceded the rain, but nothing worrisome. The birds are back to business at the feeders.

Hopefully your neck of the woods will fare as well.
I saw video footage of a tornado in Albany, GA. I'm close to ready to head out. My dogs and bird are in the car.
Didn't take more than 15 or so minutes to pass through. I shut down the computers when things started kicking up, and then made myself comfortable in the living room to watch the storm outside the window. Hardly got myself settled before it was over with.

Now apparently everyone wasn't so lucky. Friend of mine JUST called to see how we fared. He is a bit southeast of us. He said a tornado passed REAL close to him and knocked down a bunch of trees. Power is out in his area. He said the rain was horizontal. He said wind speed was clocked at 119 mph there, but not sure if he heard that or clocked it himself. He has some weather equipment at his house. Power didn't even flicker here.

So I guess you need to hunker down, as this pretty much proves that there are some tornadoes associated with this front.

Stay safe!
I saw video footage of a tornado in Albany, GA. I'm close to ready to head out. My dogs and bird are in the car.

Where are you going to head out to? Looks like that line of storms is going to extend from Orlando up north of Savannah. So it's going to be crossing quite a large area.
Hope the storms passed you by without damage. There's been strong winds for the past two days in Port Charlotte. Last year a tornado hit about 8 miles away but only tore off pieces of roof on the taller buildings.
I went and parked in the concrete/steel garage at work. The storm split and missed my house entirely.
Unfortunately a family friend lives in Albany Ga and his mobile home park was destroyed and he's in the hospital. I haven't heard about his wife yet. I pray that she was at work at the time.
Ouch.... Hope everyone is OK

I think this sort of weather is kind of unusual for January. Normally we don't get severe weather until Spring when the warmer southern air is pushing up into the colder northern air pushing down.

It was interesting watching this weather system, as there appeared to be some rotation about it, like it was some sort of overland hurricane with just a single feeder band to it.
His wife was unhurt but he's pretty well banged up and will stay in the hospital a while. I was watching the palm trees yesterday when the winds were the strongest and the wind was coming out of the west, then switched to the north, then switched to the east and back again to the west. I was as confused as the weather system.
Well, that's good. They survived. Someone else I know had two friends die. Florida got lucky with, I think, only one death, from a tree falling.
Goes to show you never know when the Lord is going to call you home. When I got out of Vietnam unscathed my best buddy called and told me he wanted to buy me a beer to celebrate. I waited at the local pub but he never showed up. I called his wife the next day and she said he died from a brain aneurysm the night before.