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Server move! 09-20-2017 02:00am EST

Rich Z

Staff member
In case some of you missed the general announcement I posted earlier today.

Sometime over the next couple of days, I will be disabling access to this site so nothing gets lost in the transition to the new server. There would be a period, otherwise, where posts were being made here AFTER the site files had been copied over to the new server, and of course those posts would be lost once the site on the new server becomes active. So to prevent that from happening, I have to close down this site BEFORE the file copies can begin.


If you are in the process of creating a post, new thread, private email, etc. when I close down the site, they will all be lost. As soon as I have a firmer grip on exactly when this will take place, I will let you all know.

Sorry, there is no cleaner method of doing this.
I will be shutting down this site for the server move around 3am EST. The move of FaunaClassifieds will start at midnight, and I'll likely be in bed when that finishes, so I don't want to hold up moving this site. Not all that much going on here anyway, so the site being down for a few extra hours isn't going to affect much.
Well, I wound up shutting down this site for nothing. The server guys had some trouble with the FaunaClassifieds migration, so they recommended putting off the rest of the migrations (including this site) till another day. I think maybe they had enough dealing with Fauna. :(

Oh well... I opened this site back up, but we are still on the old server here.
That's okay. Is FC on the new server?

Well, almost. The files have all been copied over, but seems to be some problems with the database they are trying to resolve. I had hoped this would go quicker, but it is what it is.
It'll be really nice when all is said and done. Will everything work the same way or do I have to learn something new? (Scary thought).
It'll be really nice when all is said and done. Will everything work the same way or do I have to learn something new? (Scary thought).

No, there won't be any changes to the actual message boards. It's just that the sites will be on a different server in a different data center. Assuming they can get this to work, of course. Still having problems with FaunaClassifieds at the moment. I sure don't hope I don't have to abort this entire thing and be forced to stay on that old server for all eternity. Sooner or later all hardware breaks, and then where would I be? Well, involuntarily FULLY retired, I guess.
No way can that be allowed to happen. You've brought so many nice people together. I miss all my snaky friends.
Would someone here please try to get to FaunaClassifieds for me?


I want to make sure I don't have my IP address blocked by the new firewall. That has happened in the past.

You will likely just get a message that the site is shut down for the server move, but that would be an improvement over what I am seeing when I try to get there.
I'm getting the FC header and the rectangle telling me the site is down and to try back later.
I'm getting the FC header and the rectangle telling me the site is down and to try back later.

Thanks for trying for me.

I was finally able to get back in after resetting my cable modem, router, and computers, and then flushing the DNS entries from the PCs. Seemed like mostly everyone else was able to get to the site, and after doing a test ping, apparently for some reason my network was thinking the site was still at the old server. Which should have at least given me the same message that the site was down, but I wasn't even getting that.

So whatever... It seems to be working now, and I have the site opened back up.

I'll have to replenish my supply of Excedrin before tackling this site. Maybe in a few days when my headache goes away.
Ah well, the server guys just told me they plan on moving all my smaller sites over to the new server this evening, but give me some time to make certain FaunaClassifieds is running OK before moving this site.

It's entirely possible that this site might have problems because of the FaunaAds site getting hosed up during the move, so please bear that in mind. It will eventually straighten itself out, however, as the DNS info gets percolated all across internet-land.

I just checked my stock and I still have at least a half dozen Excedrins in the bottle here in my den. They say that if you chew them up they act faster and better, but I guess I'm just not man enough to take that step. Sometimes I will get one that is slow finding the way down the "tube", and that is bad enough as it starts to dissolve.
OK, back on the table. This is now scheduled to take place around 1:00am EST on Sunday, 09-03-2017. A few minutes prior to that, I will be shutting down the site in preparation for the files to be moved to the new server.

Not sure how long this will take, so just check back when you can to see whether we are back or not.
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Well, I'm not sure if this is going to take place or not. I am having some problems posting replies on FaunaClassifieds on the new server. Just doesn't seem right that a posted reply will take 28 seconds to complete, does it?

So I need to get that fixed first before even thinking of moving this site over to that server. Going to be a real bite on the butt if they CAN'T fix that issue and I have to roll back to the old server. Again...
I postponed this move for at least a week. Having some problems with intermittent slowness during message postings on my forums that are already on the new server. So I would like to get that resolved first before moving this site over there.


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Thanks, Rich! I appreciate your work on the forums.

(Sorry I missed this, earlier. Have been a little under the weather the past week or so.)
Well, things seem to be looking up on the server guys resolving the issue with posts hanging up for sometimes up to 20 seconds. But I'm still going to wait a couple of days before thinking about migrating this site to the new server. I've already recently paid for the old servers for the next month, so I guess it's no rush now. Hopefully I won't have to be paying for three servers for too long.