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Server move! 09-20-2017 02:00am EST

DollysMom, I hope you feel better soon!

Sorry to go so far off topic. Yes I am. Heart checked out. Other issue under control. And getting a baby snake today (see "shadow" progression in "other photos") didn't hurt.
Everything seems to be running OK on the sites already moved to the new server, but with hurricane Irma coming around this neck of the woods over the next few days, I'm going to hold off on moving this site until after the dust has settled from the storm. I don't want to have too much on my mind at one time.
Please keep in touch with us, Rich. Including all you folks down there in my prayers.
OK, this site is scheduled to be migrated to the new server on 09-20-2017 at 02:00am EST. Prior to that time the site will be closed to freeze the database so the files can be moved without them changing after a file has been copied.

All of the problems introduced with moving the other sites appear to have been resolved, so hopefully this will go smoothly.
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Fantastic!!! Still good on the Excederine? (Just in case?)

Yep. Got the little bottle sitting within reach here on the desk in the den, and the big backup bottle in the cabinet in the bathroom. Also have another bottle on the counter in the kitchen. So I'm loaded for bear.

The server tech guys do seem to be very competent, and definitely put the time and effort into resolving problems, so if there are any issues to come up, I feel confident they will be taken care of pretty quickly.
Just a reminder about this site being moved to the new server tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Actually Wednesday early morning (09-20-2017 at 02:00am EST), but just splitting hairs, I guess. Sometime right before 2:00am EST, I will be shutting down this site so the files can be copied. There should be a notice displayed when you come to this site, but that didn't work out too well with FaunaClassifieds and the server guys pointed the DNS pointers to the new server way too early and I got flooded with literally thousands of error messages via email. Hopefully they will get it right this time.
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Sorry, I had to reread the messages from the server guys and I had the date wrong. It's actually 09-20-2017. The server and the techs is in a different time zone and they are planning on starting the migration based on THEIR time zone, not mine. And I am conferring with my programmer who is in an entirely different time zone as well.

Not to mention, being retired, I have no idea what the date is, the day of the week it is, nor often what month it is. :laugh: And I REALLY struggle when it comes to figuring out what YEAR it is too. 2017? Sheesh, I read magazines that swore up and down we would have private planes and space shuttles by that date. I was SOOOO looking forward to that!
Supposed to be happening tonight, as far as I know. So just prior to 2:00am EST, assuming I REMEMBER, I will be closing the site down so everything is frozen in place before they start copying the files over. The site occupies just under 18 gb of data, so that is far less than what FaunaClassifieds takes up, and therefore should be much faster than the move for FC took them.

Which could be a problem in itself, because if the file moves finishes AFTER I hit the hay tonight, even though the DNS pointers have been altered to point to the new server, the site still won't come back alive till I get my lazy ass out of bed and reopen it. Maybe if I wake up early and I can get two or three brain cells to working, I will remember to come into the den and reopen the site, but no guarantees. Besides, it's not like traffic is beating down the doors here. So no one will die if the site is down a few more hours than it needs to be.

OK, wrote myself a note and put it on the speaker sitting right in front of my screen. MAYBE I will see that before 2am.
Lol. Just so we're back by the weekend. I took some pictures of my little AHS and I'm going to man up and take on the struggle to post them. It takes me forever to resize them because I really don't know how to it... sigh.
Well, it's a little after 1:00am EST now, so I think I will just go ahead and shut down the site in preparation for the migration. Otherwise I might get involved in doing something and time will just slip away from me.

See you all on the other side.
Well, we are back. I presume we are on the new server. Oh wait a minute, I wrote a little routine that I put on my sites that will tell me what server they reside on. So let me check... Yep, we are now on the new server.

Please let me know if you notice any quirks maybe related to this relocation.
Glad you are back in business! I was going through withdrawal this morning. So far everything seems fine, but if anything is quirky, I'll let you know!