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Shoe Box? Moss? Eggs? How...


New member
So I need moss, eggs and a shoe box for my snake to lay her eggs in? How do I know if the humidity is ok? And how long will it take for the eggs to hatch?? (more or less?)


THANKS! :cheers:
Not rocket science

madaboutcorns said:
So I need moss, eggs and a shoe box for my snake to lay her eggs in? How do I know if the humidity is ok? And how long will it take for the eggs to hatch??

When you set up the box:

1) Wet the moss and then squeeze out the excess water.

2) Check the eggs every few day to ensure that the moss stays slightly damp to the touch, but not wet.

3) Lightly mist as needed to maintain humidity.

At 82 F, the eggs will take from 60-75 days to hatch.
THANKS :wavey: ! My new female I bought is an okeetee (1.5m 3YEARS OLD), my male a normal (1.2m 2.5years old)! (Nothing interesting -and dont know there backgrounds!) But I placeded them in the same viv! SO I found 2yellow marks(SPERM) I also witnessed them mate 1!!!

So what must I look out for b-coz its her FIRST CLUTCH!?
:sidestep: And should I separate them! (I would have but Im building another viv thats finished tomorrow!) So if I dont have to :rolleyes: I dont actualy want to BUT if I have to I will!!!

Might be for the best to seperate them...search for canabalism...But it is really the owner's decision.
I did read it. :shrugs: but was wondering on how long to keep them in the same viv! How long after I saw them pump! And can you maybe tell me what is 88F in south african C*?? :shrugs:
Egg Question?

How many eggs will my female lay as it is her first clutch? She is 1.4m (60inches) long?!? And How many will be okeetee?
Well, the number of eggs varies. My females first clutch was 5 eggs...that was 2003 clutch. and this year I got 6 eggs from her.

I think that all your corns will be normals...unless the adults are het for something that you don't know about. In order to get okeetees, you will have to breed Okeetee to Okeetee.

I am in the same boat...My female is Okeetee het Ghost, and my male is a Snow. I got all normals het for snow 66% het for Hypo.
:cry: So she will lay only about 5 eggs?? Then Im going to keep ALL of them Im not selling 1!!! :crazy02: Do u think I should dubbel clutch her? If I should how long after she layed her eggs and how many will she get on the second?

Each snake is different. Clutches could be as small as 1 or as large as 40. A second clutch of the season is normally smaller than the first. There is no way to know the numbers until until you try. :)
Well, I am not saying that your corn will be exactly like my corn. I am just telling you what I got. As for Double Clutching...I don't think that all snakes can do that. I guess that you can try it, but don't be dissapointed if it doesn't happen. If she does double clutch, she will usually lay less eggs than the first one.

I have heard of some corns laying up to 30 eggs. I think that Kathy Love states something like that in The Corn Snake Manual
I will keep you all informed! and thanks for the info I have to go! I cant thank all of you enough for all the info you share! But one last thing where can I download some snake info??
Since your female is only 3 years old, I would recommend that you don't try to purposely double clutch her this year. This is her first time and you don't want to stress her too much. There is always exceptions, however. If she only lays a small clutch and/or has alot of infertile eggs (slugs), and still looks in excellent condition, you could probably double clutch her. If she lays a large clutch and/or loses alot of weight/condition, don't double clutch her. She may go ahead and lay a second clutch anyway, and some eggs may even be fertile without the male having bred her again. Just make sure she gets lots of TLC after she lays, and even more if she has a second clutch. I've had several first-time females that had trouble putting weight back on after they laid a second clutch when I didn't want them to. I had to totally remove them from breeding for the next year just to get them back into condition.