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Site will be shutting down Tuesday 2:00am EST

Rich Z

Staff member

Well, did that get your attention? :hehe:

Well yes, this site WILL be shut down then, but not permanently. It's time for one of my all time favorite things to do -> SERVER MOVE!!

Yes boys and girls, it's about time to be moving to a brand new server. Bigger, faster, and lord have mercy, even less expensive. And this new server will be plugging a security hole that I will tell you all about afterwards.

So at or about 2:00 am EST on Tuesday, I will be shutting down the site so the server techs can start migrating the files to the new server. I'm not sure how long this will take, as this site is pretty big, and it's not the only site on my server being moved. Figure on at least a day. And hope snags don't show up after the move, which honestly seems to happen more often than not. But let's just hope for the best.

For the duration, nothing on this site will be accessible to anyone. So the only thing I can suggest is that you keep on trying to get back on here, and when the site is back up and running finally, then you will be successfully able to do so. Sorry, best I can offer. Too many variables involved to even try to make a realistic estimate within a few hours.

So, try not to be creating a post or new thread around that time, please. There is a good chance you might not post it before the site gets closed, and all your typing will be for nothing.

Now, I hope I don't FORGET about this. The brain cells just aren't what they used to be lately..... :eek:
I may or may not have muttered a cuss word or two when I read the title. LOL

I hope the transition goes smoothly!
Hi Rich! Just raising the heart rates all over the place, aren't you? Thank you for taking such good care of us!
Well, that was fun.... NOT!! Completely wasted the last couple of days with this supposed server move. One problem after another, that the server techs seemed clueless about how to fix. They started copying this site to the new server, and 12 hours later it was only 27% done. To copy FaunaClassifieds.com over would have taken at least a week. The server guys at the new data center kept insisting that it was the data center where my old server resided. I told them that my downloads from that data center were normally about 10 times the speed that I was able to download from the new server. So if I could download files at that speed, just no way I can see that the fault was with the old data center. Especially when my downloads and uploads to the server in the new data center was also abysmally slow to and from my home PC. Just NO WAY the old data center would be able to affect downloads and uploads from my own PC sitting on my desk.

Screw that. I just rolled EVERYTHING back to my old servers and abandoned the new server. I've still got one site dead with a database error, lost the ability to send outgoing emails from a number of my email accounts, and basically nearly had my head explode several times.

So anyway, we are back on the old server having just wasted two days or so with this nonsense. Now I guess I need to fight with the new server hosting company and tell them where they can cram their service and give me my money back that was completely wasted.
The New Server company needs to own it

You can always pan them on the BOI if they don't do right by you...:grin01:
You can always pan them on the BOI if they don't do right by you...:grin01:

They probably won't be too concerned about the BOI, but I DO know places where such a review would hit them where it hurts. I looked up reviews for them before I decided to host with them, so I just have to find all those reviews again. I can't believe they got all those glowing reviews I read. But then again, I believe that nearly all such reviews are made by paid reviewers. I've heard that is a real big thing on places like Amazon.