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Spring is springing, 2022

Rich Z

Staff member
We have a partially downed pine tree near the path between the old reptile building and the garage, and the fence lizards just seem to love this tree. They never paid a bit of attention to it before it fell over. But now we can see up to three of them at a time hanging around on it.

This one seems to be thinking, "About darn time the weather warmed up!"



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I was thinking the same thing. The fence lizards we have out here on the west coast have some blue on their bellies but nothing like that. That's intense.
Arrghh, the closing bracket for the third image got nipped off when I copied it.

Heck, we have butterflies flitting around, and even saw my first dragonfly of the season yesterday. They tend to come out around dusk and seem to like hanging around the buildings for some reason. I have always been kind of fond of them. We used to call them "snake doctors" as kids, and since I had a fondness for snakes, well, who wouldn't also be fond of doctors for them?

Anyway, years ago when Connie and I were walking down our path when I saw a dragonfly fly into a banana's spider's web across the path right in front of us. The spider was quickly heading towards the now stuck dragonfly and I leaped towards the web to scare her away from her intended meal. I then carefully picked the dragon fly out of the web, talking to it the entire time, and launched him on his way. Didn't think anymore about it till the next day when we were taking our hike around the path again, and got to the place where that spider web had been (I took down the web and relocated that spider), when a dragonfly, (I am assuming it was the same one, but obviously don't know for certain) flew right in front of my face and flew vertical circles about 2 ft away from my nose. This went on for a good 10 seconds or so. Connie and I just stood there transfixed. WTH?? So was this the same dragonfly thanking me for saving his life? :shrugs: Beats me, but I have never had one do that before nor since. Since then I just look at those things differently than I did before. Kind of mind bending to even think an insect could have the mental capacity for such a thing, isn't it? Even harder to think it was just a coincidence, though.
Damn..... Well, Spring is going to be taking a sucker punch to the nose Saturday night. Weather.com is calling for a low of 29 degrees here overnight. :headbang:

Looks like we are going to be having some REAL unhappy plants that are putting out flowers and new growth.

Does God have a complaint email address? :poke: