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"Sunset" line black rat males


Arundel Reptiles
Amelanistic and hypomelanistic?...I'm honestly not sure, but this line was started by Mr George Miskimons from MD, who purchased two "Albino" black rat snakes from Dick Bartlett, one red, one white. These produced normals in the first generation, and over the last 30+ years Mr George has mixed and matched the various resulting colors of babies that he calls "Sunsets", "Sunrises", even ones he's calls "Buttered popcorn" :grin01: eating f/t fuzzies every 5-7 days. $75.00ea and shipping will resume after Jan 1 weather permitting. Msg for any more details and pics or email me at [email protected]. Happy Holidays all...


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I'm excited to see more fun color morphs in eastern rats. Well and a little sad, as they are regulated in my state a little too much to be worth owning let alone breeding. But I bet that's going to be a very pretty snake.
Do you speak to George often? I haven't talked to him since the last show we did at the Mid Atlantic show. He always had a bunch of his "Licorice" black rat snakes there.

George always seemed to have smile on his face and was one of the more pleasant people to talk to that I can ever recall running into.