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Thistle - Hypo Shatter


Olivia Barron
So I was totally not planning on getting another snake right now, but when I saw this little guy pop up on Morph Market for a really reasonable price, I had to jump on it. This is a morph I have never actually seen before and I have fantasized about creating one for years already.

This is Thistle, the sunkissed hypo cinder:


I'm really looking forward to seeing how he develops!
Finally got around to taking some proper photos of Thistle today. He was pretty good!





Tried to get a clear picture of his head pattern - it's my favorite!


And lastly, a picture of him sitting in his little measuring cup that I use to cover him to get him to sit still for photos.

Thistle needed some updated photos. He was sold as a hypo shatter, but he looks more like a dilute shatter to me? In either case, I really love his patterning and color.


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I just adore this little guy. I think he is so pretty and unique. He tends to be a very shy snake, although he's a joy to handle. I pretty much never see him in his enclosure. The only way I even know he moves around is from the varying poop locations.


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Never been interested in gray snakes, but you’ve changed my mind. He’s beautiful.

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They're an acquired taste! When I first got into corns, I was all about the bright colors. But the unique patterns on shatters really drew me in.
Such a beautiful snake! I love that pattern on him, it's incredible

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Thanks! For as crazy as his dorsal pattern is, his belly checkers are very standard.


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