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Tinsel - Ice Tessera

Freshly shed! Love this guy!


  • 20210902_110339.jpg
    191.9 KB · Views: 61
  • 20210902_110505.jpg
    132.9 KB · Views: 61
I can't believe this sweet guy is already over 100 grams! He's grown so quickly!


  • 20210930_155644.jpg
    152.3 KB · Views: 56
Fresh pics of Tinsel. Definitely my sweetest snake! He's getting quite a peachy tone.


  • 20211211_122247.jpg
    148.6 KB · Views: 51
  • 20211211_122410.jpg
    138.7 KB · Views: 51
What a handsome fellow! And it sounds like he's got such a great personality, too. The dorsal markings in the area above his vent and on his tail are cute. (A small detail, I know, but still different and adorable.)

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Tinsel suddenly darkened up and I LOVE it! I really hope he keeps this darker coloration.


  • 20221122_214203.jpg
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  • 20221122_214224.jpg
    103.1 KB · Views: 25
Nice to have updated Tinsel pics as we approach the holidays. Hard to believe how much he has changed. Still a nice looking fellow, just in a different way!

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I just read this thread for the first time. What a wonderful snake!! Love his colors and sweetness.

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