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Traveling with Corn Snake


New member
Hi! I am looking for advice on how to best set up my Cornsnake (2 yrs old) for a cross country drive. We are moving from Seattle to Denver and will be driving a UHAUL.

I REALLY appreciate anyone who has time to toss a few ideas my way!

1. I won't be able to fit his 'snake palace' in the cab; what sort of carrying case is appropriate? It will take us approximately 4 days to make the drive.

2. What should I do about keeping him warm as the cab will be air-conditioned? Will a heating pad be enough?

3. The Denver climate is much drier and the air is thinner; is there anything I need to do so my snake adjusts?

Thank you in advance!
I haven't done it, but I'm thinking about such things. It's hurricane season here, and ya never know when you might have to evacuate. I have tupper/sterlite containers ready for each snake, along with small dishes for water. If needed, I'll put some of the bedding from their main vivs into the travel containers so that they'll at least have a smell of home. I've read on this forum that it's best to put them in a cooler to protect against temperature changes. As far as the change in elevation, I'd think that your snake will deal with the lowered oxygen content by being less active until s/he adjusts by making more red blood cells (just like we do).

I'm sure some experienced people will be along with more advice soon. Good luck with your move!
Use a snake bag. You can order them from online from midwest tongs.
The snake bag can be kept in a small ice chest to help shield it from the ambient temp. Worry more about the snake overheating than getting too cool.

When you stop for lunch etc. park in the shade and crack the windows, it can hot fast inside the cab of a vehicle. If you can't park in the shade, hide the snake inside a fanny pack or purse (in the snake bag) and take it in with you - but be careful not to sit on it or squish it.

Give it opportunity to drink every night, and buy several fanny packs - as it may deficate on the way.

I would suggest not feeding it the week before you leave.
I'm actually moving my entire collection from Denver to Daytona Beach, FL. We're going to be using plastic shoebox tubs for all the corns to go in the truck with us (just to make sure they don't get too hot in the uhaul). For the Denver weather, I suggest misting just a little bit more often. It helps out a LOT with their sheds. I moved out to Denver from Florida almost 2 years ago, and the 3 snakes I had then (2 corns and a boa) handled the 3 day drive phenomenally. Just be sure that if you stay the night in a hotel to try and sneak him in. I know that sounds bad, but it's something you'll have to do. And Seattle to Denver? That shouldn't take more than 2 days. But if your snake is healthy, it should be fine.