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Which pink morphs stay pink as an adult?


New member
I'm trying to find out if there is a Corn that will stay/become pink as it grows up. From what I'm seeing the snow's and orchid's and such turn white/yellow/orange between hatchling and adulthood, and I'd like to steer clear of that. Are there any morphs that are pink through and through?

The coral ghost seems to have potential, but the pink could also fizzle out like it did on this one, or turn orange like it did on these. Is that a common risk?
Hypo Plasma, from John Finsterwald, Coloradocorns.com

Champagne Snow

Champagne from pascopaul.com

Snow het Champagne

Coral Snow from poppycorns.com

Pinkenstein. Hope to make a few more this year.
You can't generalize 'snow', there is a HUGE variety of looks they can mature into.

Here is my adult bubblegum snow:

My adult coral snow:
Generally, the pinks will develop more as they grow. So if they are already showing a LOT of pink as babies, it'll just get better.
Flatline, my little specter, looked almost exactly like a regular ghost until just recently that her pinks are coming through.
Poppycorns has bred to keep the pink into adulthood. check them out.

I saw that website. Those snakes are fantastic looking but OH MY GOD are they expensive. Any chance that those will become a normal morph in the future and their prices will come down accordingly?
Its possible that in a couple years the price could drop. But you never really know. Just look around for the morphs above and you might be able to find cheaper ones. Although poppycorn's are most likely going to be nicer in color. Its all up to you though. Good luck!
I saw that website. Those snakes are fantastic looking but OH MY GOD are they expensive. Any chance that those will become a normal morph in the future and their prices will come down accordingly?

Here's a hatchling poppycorns coral snow X same
no telling if it will be one which develops fantastic pink color or a lesser pink shade.
The ones on the poppysite are already 2 years old generally, so its easy to see that they are developing strong color. That alone saves you 2 years of food and time and eliminates the risk of winding up with just a common colored snow.
If they come down in price its maybe because there's something newer and even more extreemely pinker available, but you might be 12 years older by then...


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I sent an e-mail to poppycorn regarding '12 hatchlings and their waiting list. Their existing adult snakes seem to take a while to sell, so I should have a bit of time in that regard.
I'm not entirely certain that Marsha is still breeding. I've sent her several emails over the past year inquiring about purchasing some snakes, with no response.
I would also suggest going for a Male because they tend to come out with much more vibrant colors in general. Walter Smith still has some Coral Snows available, Here is a picture of the Male I just got from him last week! He has one male left in that clutch! (as of right now, I just looked)

The problem with coral snows is that they have considerable potential to turn white/orange, like this or this. It sucks that pink adults are such a big deal. Why can't they just retain their colors? Grrrrr :mad: