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  • Hey Friend, I can donate some exoterra hides again this year and plants and some other decorations if you need them for the you pick em thing.
    Hey Josh, I'm getting notification that emails are undeliverable to the email adress.
    I just found it in my spam mail.

    Hello! Just stopping by my cs.com friends to say hi. I was in Cinci once. Went to a Reds game before the new park.
    Ah, wish you had stopped by our table in May.
    Who did you try to contact to be a vendor in August? There is one person who never seems to respond. The other person, to contact, is Mac. Mac is the primary person, a very good guy, and will respond back. I can give you his contact info.
    Just saw your message re. the fella who got the Cube Stripe (lately, I have not been able to visit CS.com that much). Gave me a chuckle.LoL
    He (Alex I believe?) was/is a nice guy. I found out, after a bit, that he knew you or knew of you. I told him what a horrible person you are..LoL <jk>
    Actually, I did tell him you were a good/nice guy ... and I meant it.:)
    Sometime soon, you need to come back down to Cin City again.
    Those will be awesome babies! I still have a year before Kolt's sister is big enough to breed. But I'm hoping the brother sired this second clutch. Has it been 56 days yet?
    It's called a Blackberry, my friend LOL! Won't be on much this summer. Working full time!
    I have those 1.1 from Hector and Lars has another sister which he is going to send me, so I'm covered in that area. And although an unrelated pair would make me really happy (I assume those aren't related to ours), I can't afford them right now. But thanks for the heads up.
    Now how about that pairing of yours that interests me so? Is that going well?
    lol Silly Wallace he was probably afraid he was going to hurt her. YAY!!! Congrats I am excited.
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