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  • eggs are extremely thin now. one egg dented in this morning, then puffed out then dented again and puffed up again . it has now dented in for the third time. moss still damp. condensation still forming on lid and sides. hatching very close or maybe another reason?
    I don't know. I incubate in HatchRite. I have never lifted up a clutch to check the bottom. I would get new moss. Dampen it, and wring it as dry as you possibly can. Then put the eggs in, and cover them with a light layer of moss, and leave them alone except to peel back the top layer just to look to see if you see slitting. Don't worry about the eggs in the center or bottom- those babies will make their way out just fine.
    Hi the eggs shells are pretty thin, eggs still nice and plump but very soft. Was candling them earlier and as they are all in a clump on top of one another i pick them up very gently once a week to check on the bottom eggs. picking them up earlier i was astonishished to find the bottom ones wet as this has never happened before. the moss under them is only very slightly damp and at the bottom the moss is dry. Could anything be wrong?
    So- once they slit the eggs, it can still take a baby up to 24 hours to emerge. Don't bother it so much it comes out too early, with the yolk not absorbed. I _try_ to restrain myself to checking twice a day, then once they start emerging, I remove babies in the morning, when I get home from work, and shortly before bed. It's very difficult to not be all over them. I use clear egg containers, so that makes it a little easier to spy on them without disturbing them too much. Twice I've had clutches hatch while I was away from home on vacation- and all the babies were fine- no egg stems or yolks or anything.
    Moss still damp. I am so excited already, can hardly wait to see what they look like. Thanx so much for relying so quickly and for your help
    Would like to know: The eggs are much softer than usual and feel "mushy". they have also changed a bit in texture from being very smooth to having like fine lines? i hope i am explaining properly. does this mean anything? have candled again all still moving
    Hi i did post a thread earlier on. Extreme heat in S.A is playing a big role in the temp of my corn eggs. during the day it rises to 90 degrees +. Eggs have been incubated for six weeks already. Did candle them today. all moving and have grown. Can the temp give rise to serious problems or early hatching? EXTREMELY WORRIED
    Hi Nanci!

    I'm a new member, and I saw that you're a moderator. I've tried a few times to load a profile picture and it won't show up. It's under 320x320. I searched on the forum to see why it wouldn't work but I can't seem to find an answer. Does it have to be a specific file type? Thanks!

    Thank you. I saw him on the site but I wanted to see more pictures. I really like the white snakes. It's good to note he's also hypo too. Thanks again. :)
    Hi Nanci. You mentioned Robbie keeps bio-active tanks. Can you remind me of his user name? I haven't been here in a while and I've forgotten. Thanks!
    Hi Nanci. I was looking at Ians Viv at the Hypo Avalanche Stripe corn adult you submitted a photo for and was wondering if you had more pictures of it? If so I'd really like to see them. Thanks.
    Hey Nanci, You've been helpful, I was hoping you could help me out with a little issue.
    It is not really thread worthy.

    People have Sig's that say stuff like....
    1.0 king snake
    or 2.1.1 corn snake.
    What do the numbers mean. At first I thought, Male female, but saw some sigs with 3 and so, that idea was shot. And if it is male/female (and something) then which side is which?
    Thanks. Hope you dont mind the message
    hi,Me and my boyfriend found a cornsnake outside so we decided to keep it. We kept him in a cage last night and he somehow spilt his water but now he smells really bad. how do i get rid of the smell?
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