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So with Widestripe Tessera, Cubed Vanishing Pattern Motley, Coral Lavender Ghost Amel Vanishing Pattern, Sunspot Vanishing Pattern, etc... will these each have their own thread. or ?
I'm also curious about the trait/locality X simple recessive morph combinations, such as amel/copper, which, while kastanie+amel = mandarin, will copper+amel be given its own designation, or?
As for the loads and loads of coral/salmon variants covering lines of numerous breeders+selective breeding, will these all be lumped together, or will it be broken down into the 7 forms from poppycorns, the 5 or so from SMR, the 3 or 4 from BHB, etc, as all of these have their own unique looks & so forth.
I don't want to go totally crazy with all the variations seen in some selectively bred varieties having their own thread. I don't feel localities need their own thread as their genetics are the same as their non-locality equivalents, but maybe at some point, this will change. Since I would prefer to keep the various types of motley in the same thread, the various types of stripe would all be one thread as well since genetically, they are the same. If some are considered by most to be a selectively bred variety, I don't see a problem with them having their own thread, perhaps just calling it "Vanishing stripe" and all the various colors can be posted there since it's just the vanishing part making them different from a non-vanishing coral lavender ghost amel stripe.

As for the various varieties of coral/salmon, I'm not even sure if the breeders know exactly what is going on with them and why so many different looks. It might be akin to having a separate thread for all the different variations of normals or to use another analogy, to the average person, a chablis is a chablis and very few will be able to tell you which vineyard it came from and what year it is. At some point, we may have a thread for each, but at the moment, we'll not go that far. As it is, the mod team will be working through Christmas just posting the more "common" cultivars/cultigens!