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Notices Guide to Corn Snake Cultivars & Cultigens A collective field guide to the cultivars and cultigens (morphs) of corn snakes.

Rules And Regulations - A Must Read!
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Old 07-11-2013, 08:30 PM   #1
Rules And Regulations - A Must Read!

In order to make this cultivar and cultigen gallery as informative and easy to use as possible for even the newest of newbies, there are a few rules that will need to be followed. Please read them all before posting. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or the other mods. As this forum progresses, there may be a few changes or additions, depending upon how things go.


1) Only a moderator can add a thread to this forum. This is to prevent duplications and other non-cultivar/cultigen/morph threads. The general membership is asked to supply photos, information and discussion as replies in those threads.

2) There will be one, and only one, thread per each individual/distinct cultivar/cultigen/morph.

3) The names of the cultivars/cultigens/morphs in their thread title will be listed in alphabetical order according to their actual genes, NOT by any of their trade names. For example, you will not find a snow listed as such. Instead, it's thread title will be Amelanistic Anerythristic.

Color combinations with pattern genes will have their own thread. This forum will use the name "diffuse" for that particular gene, and using the term "bloodred" only for the selectively bred variety of diffuse. For example, you won't find lavender bloodred motley, but you will find diffuse lavender motley.

Selectively bred varieties will have their own thread using their genetic make-up, if any, followed by "- Selectively Bred Variety - Trade Name". This is the ONLY time a trade name will be used in the title. For example, you will find listed: Amelanistic - Selectively Bred Variety - Candycane and Normal - Selectively Bred Variety - Miami Phase.

I know the thread titles may end up being quite long when multiple genes are involved, but this is to allow someone that doesn't know a particular trade name to still find what they are looking for as well as a combination that has multiple trade names from having a duplicate thread. Also, as the name gets longer, some short forms of certain genes (amel instead of amelanistic and anery instead of anerythristic) may be used.

4) There will be a thread that will list all the various name combinations and trade names for each cultivar/cultigen/morph followed by this gallery's thread title which will be linked to the actual thread. That way, if someone has only heard the term "granite" and doesn't know the actual genetics, they can find that name on the list and follow the link to Anerythristic Diffuse.

5) In the first post for each cultivar/cultigen/morph, the genetics, with gene representations (the actual thread creator's choice until a standard can be made unless a particular gene representation has already been made for this forum, at which point continued use of that representation is required), a list of various trade names and selectively bred varieties, and a description, hopefully with a history if available, will be written. Any help, especially with descriptions and histories, is appreciated. Just send me a PM.

6) * is a discussion forum so discussion about the cultivar/cultigen/morph is encouraged in the threads. HOWEVER, posts of "pretty snake" that don't contain any actual discussion about the cultivar/cultigen/morph WILL BE DELETED! Those types of comments belong in the Photo Gallery.

Also, this is not a "What morph is this?" forum. Those posts belong in the Cultivars (morphs)/Genetics Forum.

7) If you see a cultivar/cultigen/morph without a thread, please let us know and the moderators will add it. But for the first several weeks at least, please be patient with us as it will take awhile to actually make all the threads.


1) Photo Size should ideally be between 600 X 450 pixels and 800 X 600 pixels, but some slight variation will be allowed. This way, the image is large enough to be clearly seen as well as fitting within most computer screens.

2) Photos must be clear with quality composition and color. Photos that are out of focus or of poor composition or color will not be approved. This says a great deal. This is a cultivar/cultigen/morph gallery, a place where people can go to view the multiple varieties of corn snakes for whatever reason they have. Many will be here to help them in the identification of their own snake and if the photo quality is poor, making identification impossible, what good is it.

Adjustments of a photo to make the snake look like it does in real life is encouraged if needed. Obvious over-adjusting will not be tolerated. The moderators know what the various colors of corn snakes look like, even the really bright ones, but if your hand that is holding the red snake also looks like a boiled lobster, you've over-adjusted.

3) Photos must be taken by the individual posting them. If you want to have a watermark on them, that's fine, as long as it doesn't obscure the identification of the morph.

4) *Members submitting photos not meeting the above requirements will be notified in order for them to try to fix the photo. If help is needed to adjust a photo, please ask. If, after a 10 day period, the photo is not altered appropriately, IT WILL BE DELETED.

5) Hatchling, juvenile, adult, eye, dorsal, ventral and close-up photos are encouraged. If you have 10 examples of a morph and there is obvious variation between them, go ahead and post them all, but please don't flood a thread with 20 photos of the same snake taken at the same time. Showing a progression is fine, as long as there is plenty of time between the posted photos (hatchling, 6 month old, year and a half and adult...not one after each shed).

6) Photos uploaded to the forum as attachments are preferred, but linked images will be allowed. However, if a linked image is no longer functioning, the post it is in will be deleted to maintain the forum's appearance.

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