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Cornsnakes Gone Wild!

"You behave." :laugh: Sounds like me every time I'm cleaning either Florida kings or yellow ratsnakes. Feisty babies! That's a beautiful pair. :cheers:
Have finally decided on names. Going to go with Vixen for the female and Viper for the male, after their performance in this video, that's just too perfect not to stick!
So, I think we are on to some thing. I think the phone upsets them I was facetiming with my wife, she just order a group of Ball Pythons. As I got the camera closer they got really worked up and and started striking at the phone. A total of 7 snakes and all acted like they were going to strike, but 4 did and 1 got the camera and my finger. Both hatchlings and adults. I don't know if any one else has tried it. I handled them all moving them in to the rack and they were very clam, until the camera phone.
Omgsh Nanci you sound so sweet and adorable!!
I love how you tell them to behave lol I do the same thing.
So something was really bothering me about "the girl's" tail shape. She had popped female twice. It looked like a male tail to me, though, as a yearling. So I probed the snake, and I was correct, the tessera is a male. Which has caused upheaval in plans! Fortunately, I had a nice female saddle-pattern bloodred left, so there is still a pair :)

Lesson of the day!! It's not a female until it pops female a minimum of THREE times, or lays eggs :) I'm so glad I caught this before it ruined someone's breeding plans...

Lesson #2 of the day- when you get snakes, if the sex matters, resex them yourself immediately!! Breeders, even big-name breeders who have sexed hundreds of babies, can have a male slip through as a female. This has happened to me THREE times (and I've gotten a mis-sexed, or more likely, mixed up with a sibling, female once) It's much easier to fix now (when hopefully the breeder has a replacement) than finding out when you're trying to breed two males...
Awww, beautiful snakes. I really miss the sound of your voice and your laugh!
That hand over the the S stand was cool... They calmed down easy... Does that always work or are u just a pro... Lol
Cool video tho