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DIY Snake Enrichment!


New member
So Sebby loves climbing on the thermostat probe wire and while that exploring is good for him, it moves the probe which sets off the thermostat temperature alarm. You may have noticed that your snake also loves to climb things in the enclosure and likes to investigate new things. I wanted to get some of those fake vines for him to climb around on, but they’re expensive and money is short. So i got a ball of string for £1 and a pack of five suction cups for another £1 then set about making my own!
Ok so they’re not gonna look like vines, but they’ll do the same job. First i threaded all the suction cups onto my ball of string then tied off the end one.


Then go to your snakes enclosure, and take off the lid or open the doors. Deal with surprise snake escape attempt number 29580.


Then just put stretch out the string to where you want it to go and hold it in place with each suction cup. Tie off the end one and bam! Your Done! This is super easy to do, takes less than 5 minutes and you can remove it to change it around or for easy cleaning.For bigger snakes you could use thin rope and larger suction cups or even eyelets in wooden vivs. Just add a snake and observe :D

:D I suspect those screw in eyelets or command hooks and a bit of rope could do bigger snakes 'cause sebbys only 95g at the moment. He seems to love them though and the suction cups are holding firm at the moment! :)
that's using the old noggin I have 2 snakes that love the thermostat probe wire they would pull it out all the time I taped them into the corner so now they can climb them but there always around that area trying. I ordered some of the suction cup type vines for them to climb on. I have no idea why but not one of my 16 corn snakes will climb a stick I ended up removing them from all my set ups
Wanted to do this for the hatchlings, but didn't want to buy masses of suction cups or use tape. Started threading the string through and realised i have loads of toilet roll tubes! Threaded them on to the string so that they move around a little and they love them :D


Love the tube idea.... What a lot of people do not see is how much ground you created. When you think about it, before the tube that area was dead space. Now that the tube is there you created that much more active space for the snake. Great Job!!!
wow, I absolutely love this idea!
I think Sirius would love that.. I hope you don't mind my borrowing of your T.P Hammick, ;)

I too love how much more excerse space it allows them! :)
Very cool! Gives me great ideas for when Sixx can tolerate a change-up in his tub! :) :) can't wait to try some of this!
Thanks so much for the awesome idea :) I usually give my mice toilet paper tubes and have a bag of them, so I'm gonna do this for all my babies
:D The guys love to hang around in theirs. I think to a degree they feel a little safer having an area off the ground to shoot too when i accidentally scare them - at least for mine. If i open the lid to their tubs they could run to hide in their caves, under the kitchen roll or in the tube and they almost always choose the tube. Its probably because its the darkest and most enclosed.

Lapsang likes to hang half in half out of hers.

Oolong has started trying to drag mice into his when he eats - usually fails because he can't lift them that high, but occasionally succeeds and i just change the tube later on. I gave him this mouse on the floor of his tub and left him too it - checked on him after a few minutes and found this little sight!
Neat idea and nice looking corn. I have some geckos who might enjoy the string with tubes on them ;) defiantly will give them more height space to climb.
Don't let what something looks like to you keep you from giving it a try - - the snake only sees something to climb on (they are not picky at how things look)