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Silvers Corns


small but dangerous ;)
'07 1.0 Anery het. Amel striped

'07 1.0 Creamsicle

'07 1.0 Sunglow Motley

'07 1.0 Classic

'08 1.0 Reverse Okeetee

'08 0.1 Reverse Okeetee

'08 0.1 Blizzard

'07 0.1 Hypo

Wow.. these are all gorgeous. every single one of them.
The one I like best is ... errr .. err .. can' decide :shrugs:
They are all gorgeous! Beautiful photos as well...

I love the Reverse Okeetees (and I don't even like amels)... and the Hypo, Classic and Anery are very cool too...
I think they are all beautiful... If I had to choose one I like the hypo because she is so pretty and bright...
I like the anery- I was hoping for one that would mature black and silver, well, as much as is possible- I bought one for £27 along with 6 others from Don Soderbger this year. I got a zigzag too without asking for one which I like. My baby looks as though he may become quite brown and peachy though. Yours is better in colour I think, definately.
That hypo looks like he is from sunkissed lines because of the neck pattern!

Those RO's are amazing, very high white too!