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What is she?


New member
I got this girl in a trade, the person who had it obviously had no clue as to what it was as they called it a lavender, which it's not. I am assuming some sort of motley, but I could be wrong, its been a very long time since I have bred and produced corns. What do you all think?



To find out if she's hypo or normal might require a breeding trial. Stripe often has a hypo-like effect on snakes.
First guess would be hypo or normal stripe - cube and sunspot are selectively bred forms of the stripe gene (hence the cubes and spots toward the posterior end). Very nice looking snake. The stripes along the anterior portion of the snake and the plain belly indicate the presence of the stripe gene.
She's kind of half and half cube and sun spot- sun spot is cube to the extreme.

Another variation of stripe is vanishing. She has pattern all the way down to her tail, though.
If you are asking for the purposes of what to label her for sale, be sure that you make it clear that you do not know the genetics of the snake, but she appears to be...
Well, you _do_ know it's a stripe. That is definite. The only question is normal, or hypo.
As Nanci mentioned above if you are going to sell the snake just label it as a stripe. Again, cube and sunspot are variations of the stripe gene so you know that the snake is definitely striped. The one in our avatar is a sunspot but we still label him as a coral ghost stripe - we were just fortunate to get the sunspots.