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World's First???


Alien Lover
I think so!! Cinder Lava Stripe!!


That is a heart, for I *heart* stripes!!

I saw a photo of a cinder lava a few years ago. I immediately thought- I need to make that, in stripe!! I was able to acquire the cinder lava male from Carol Huddleston, and the lava stripe from Danny Wynn.

I'm so excited!!!!!
So I have a LOT of siblings of the parents for sale, now, and this clutch included a lot of baby lavas, and lava cinders, which are also for sale. After they shed, eat, etc.
Wife's gonna kill me

Put me down for a lava cinder female or even a lava strip...they're all het cinder...wait I need pricing LOL :crazy01: :D

Any word on the Heart Attack babies we were PMing about? I cleared a bunch of PM space FWIW.

Congrats on hitting all 3 traits. I'm going on to a 3rd season (4th given I skipped last year) of trying to hit butter or butter stripe tessera.
I have lavas heterozygous cinder and stripe, ready to breed next year! Maybe even this year? They think so! The cinder lava babies are poss het stripe. And I don't think there's going to be a lava stripe. But a male cinder lava would be ready in two years.

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The only thing cinder in my collection is my tessera het kastanie, ph cinder/hypo. Her BF is my kastanie ph albino diffused. All ugly Roylance babies :p

But I do have a male ice het diffused that I haven't a clue what to pair with. Also have a female lava het granite that I'm not 100% certain on who she'll pair with next season.

Doesn't make sense to mix ashy/z/cinder/anery c with anery a though.
Very cool! Lava cinders have been one of my dream snakes for a while, so I'll be interested to see this baby post shed.
Well you need a cinder lava hatchling!! The grandparents are Cupcake, the lava cinder from Carol, and Twizzler, the lava stripe, from Danny. You can search for pics of them. Both amazing snakes. I was hoping of a lava stripe, too- but I'll take this! ;-)

Chris- the answer is yes, she will part with one.