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  • Hey Carol, this is Yarmuck / Dustin. I just want to confirm that you received the Paypal payment sent from Mindyraeriley. I was in a hurry yesterday when sending it, and I realized that I didn't put any references in the sending. We also sent it as a "gift" so you didn't get tagged with fees. Please let us know that you received it as soon as you can. It was sent to jeramandcarol@yahoo

    Dustin and Mindy
    Hey Kiddo..I know I'll forget to do this if I don't do it now ! <G> Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year ! Take care Hon...Mike
    Sounds good. :)
    BTW After you send them ...if you do not hear back from me, within 24 hrs., it probably means that I did not get them.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the corns! (sunkissed,charcoal and lava poss het cinder) They look awesome and will jump start some new projects here!
    Hey you...I sent you an email from my @hotmail addy. I know you're busy, just a heads up in case it got filtered out by your email <G>.
    Hey Kiddo....check your email tonight and send me a reply. I'll explain later <G>
    Carol, sunshine the amel stripe laid her clutch on wednesday, but she has retained what feels like a couple of eggs. I am just leaving her alone for now in hopes she will sill lay them without having to resort to any aspirating. In the incubator I have 9 eggs that look OK and a couple iffy ones. I made a post about it on my Pac NW forum. Zorro has bred a couple of my hypo females too and I am still hoping to pair him with one other.
    I sent you a pm. I would love to have him. Could you email me with details of how much, and how much would shipping be to 21224. thank you.
    Hello, I would love to see the pictures of him. You can send me a private message if you want, or post them. But I'd love to see the pictures. How old do you think he is? thanks
    Thanks for the heads up! And whoa on the black stripes. THAT is awesome!
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