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  • I will defo look into it a bit more. I have been wanting to go travelling for quite some time and next year might just be the year to travel the States :) Europe is becoming boring...

    Haha I am just watching Bonkers cruise his tub - just cleaned it out and he is checking everything out lol Bonkers is definitely my nosey and outgoing snake, I cleaned Scar's tub and put her back in. She just disappeared into her hide xD

    Yes I am on Facebook but I think my prof is set to private - well my full name is Mona Katharina Haunholter, let me know if you can't find me and I'll try adding you.
    You found me :) haha i seem to spend most of my time on cs.com & ipherp lol can never get enough of looking at pics or reading bout snakes !! What's a really good reptile show in the US (perferably somewhere warm xD) cause I have always wanted to go to the States and why not catch to flies at the same time?
    I should do the same thing. lol I don't have anyone's info stored anywhere. I guess I just figure if they want another snake they will give it to me. lol
    True. I want to visit that area up there one day. I want to see how green and wet it is. Since I was born and raised in the desert LOL
    Awe! That is something I would do. My collie mix was a rescue from the pound. My heeler mix was also rescue from the humane society, she has behavior problems. She was miss treated by her former owner. We have backpacks for them both to make em think they are working dogs. It helps a lot. Emmi the collie will play fetch until she can't move anymore. The kids keep em busy too. I would hate to move very far nowadays with all our animals. LOL The hamsters have all since passed. But still have the cats and now all the reptiles LOL
    That's not that far. We moved from Layton, Utah to Alb. NM with a jeep wrangler, a 24ft uhaul, 2 cats, 3 hamsters, one fish. My mom who was having panic attacks and 2 kids. It was a nightmare LOL Next time I will happily pay a moving company to move us that far LOL
    I don't blame ya sometimes the mud is a bit to thick for it to be fun! I hate moving, but it sounds like you are getting a better, bigger place. :D Have fun!
    Bah! If not thorough, then why even write at all? Lol. I always enjoy letting people know when someone has done right by me, though.
    Assuming that they all hatch and thrive, 10 of them are mine. I will probably keep a trio, if possible, and sell the rest. The world needs more charcoal stripes. And blizzard stripes. And stripes. And with the possible hets, it should be fun a project.
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