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  • Nope, I didn't :(
    I got my tix thru work, club level, and I didn't know this until the usher told me, but the tickets came with cash loaded on them, so we scored free concessions and a tee-shirt (they had a Nordiques tee on special)
    It sucks that they lost tho, at least there were some skirmishes and a fight :)
    My Leaf-Tail gecko (Uroplatus guntheri) has one in there that he never uses. Lol. He prefers the actual wooden one. He's a cute little booger.
    I'm so glad they're here! : D Corey is FASCINATED that they actually use the toilet paper tubes I'd been saving for them. Lol.
    Kali is in DEEP blue right now, but I'll see if I can get them to take a picture together once she sheds. : )
    Yes, Go AVS! We went earlier this year when they beat the Panthers in OT, that was about as exciting of a game as they come. I hope the beat those Penguins tomorrow night, I'll make sure my wife and I out cheer Steph for sure! Too bad you aren't in town too.
    LOL right? I think hubby wouldnt of married me if I was a redwings fan! Hubby has a lot of player jerseys that no longer play for the Avs. His favorite player is Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy! We have personalized autograph goalie stick from Patrick Roy! Hubby lived in Colorado for a few years before he joined the Air Force. LOL 17 yrs ago.
    The Ferret forum you reccommended is amazing, Penne and I are making wonderful progress. I also have a picture of her in my Life album if you wanted to see it.
    Hi Heather,
    Just wanted to thank you again for the Holistic Ferret info. She also has a new name. Penelope.
    We're getting to know each other slowly, she's been a bit hissy the last couple days, but I won't give up on her.
    Hey Heather! Can you email me those Paleo links you gave me awhile back? The computer I had them saved on crashed. I think we are going to try it, once we run out of cheerios. LOL.
    The goal wouldnt be to make more canycanes, but just to see what i could come up with.... like i wonder what'd come out of mixing him with a coral or a lavander. But ultimately I want to find a Ice Ghost that doesnt cost me an arm and a leg cuz I think they are gorgeous!
    I was thinking about a female...that maybe someday if i got ambitious I could try to breed. So not a hatchling but a juvenile. And then i'd have to do some research, like how do you create a 'candycane' corn snake and what morph would he mix best with to make cool creations. However my fav. morphs are Ice Ghosts, Charcoals, and Granites...unfortunately they are all very expensive lol.
    Something very dangerous just happened....my husband told me that I could get more snakes if it would please me ;-)
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