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NOTICE!!! - Check the BOI!

Very sad indeed

Hi Nanci
I am sick to my stomach over this.
I have six years with smooth sailing and positive breeding and sales experiences on the site.
I don't know what to say about this. I felt good about everything until I got the email about the complaint.
These snakes are not at poor post brumation weights and are vigorous with clear eyes, solid muscle tone, no skin tenting or any signs or poor health.
They laid beautiful eggs last season which hatched with no incident.
They were brumated for 3 months and had been out of brumation for 3 weeks and had eaten twice before I shipped them out. I waited 7 days after the last feeding to ship them to prevent them soiling the shipping box.
I only charged $50 to ship the box even thought it cost me $95.
I have no problem with refunding Matts money if he is unhappy.
I am really sorry about all of this. I was excited about sending him the snakes and told him so before I shipped them. I thought he felt the same.
I just think it is unfortunate that he savagely attacked me online instead of contacting me directly so I could address his complaint. I have had these 4 snakes for years and have enjoyed them very much. I just don't get it.
I am really sorry about all of this. I am trying to fix it. Hope your season goes well.
So what you're saying is that you're willing to breed females that are under 200 grams? Because the one year I brumated, my snakes lost very little weight... as in, maybe 10 or 15 grams. I think the largest lost was 30 grams on a 400 gram snake.

You have BOI threads from 2014 and 2011. You have NOT had 6 years of positive experience as several people from *this site* have contributed to those BOI posts.
Great bump Nanci!

Perhaps the most important bump in the history of this site. EVERYBODY please check the BOI before making any purchases. You would be surprised how many of us have been victims.
Nanci, thanks a bunch for this bump.
I HATE making threads on the BOI about people in the industry, but I felt these were grossly misrepresented.
I have pictures with weights and everything if someone a bit more savvy than I could post them.
I'm on my iPad and can't resize them, but would be glad to send them to anyone who'd like to post them up.
I HATE a thief, and a liar. Reputation is EVERYTHING for me.
I spend ALOT of money on my collection, and want to give other buyers the same service I myself expect.
Sorry Doc, but you may want to rethink being a reptile Doc of any kind. These poor females need to be fed HEAVILY, as I assume they've been bred far too much, or just never get fed at all. There's no way in hell I'd try and breed this season, or probably even next.
I've got 2014's that are far bigger than these 2010/2012's.
I hate slinging mud at ANYONE, BUT this is completely unacceptable.
They were all in one bag, freezing cold (I requested a heat pack, think I got one???), and in a 7X7X7 box. Who does that???
Well, since Doc has decided to be such a "professional" with his response to me, after having received his "ever so lovely" imaciated females back, I find it only appropriate to show what a chipper, and dandy delight of a fellow he is to do business with...
Posted to me tonight:


  • image.jpeg
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So, now I think it only fair that I respond here.

I told him (after I received my money back) that I'd ship them out Monday to him, which I was not able to do. I sent him a message and told him that I would most certainly send them out on Tuesday, which I DID do.
He received them back this morning, NOT having taken 8 days as he states. I waited until my money had been refunded by PayPal, not the dear ol' Doc, himself.
His items WERE sent back to him the exact same way he shipped them, with a few exceptions of course.
They were sent back in one BIG snake bag, unlike the smaller one he'd shipped them to me in. And a 9X9X9 box, much unlike the smaller 7X7X7 he'd shipped them to me in. They also had a 60 hour heat pack in the box (which I might add he never included for me when he shipped them, after I'd asked him to do).
They were laid on a thick piece of bubble wrap for cushioning, with packing peanuts meticulously placed for comfort, which I might add that the good ol' Doc never opted for when shipping them out to me...
The $100 dollars he claimed to be out on shipping cost to me in a 7X7X7 cost me only $49 and some change to ship back to him in a larger box with at least a pound and a half more weight...
I'll never see that $50 reimbursed now will I, Doc???

So with all that being said, who'd like to see these lovely females he boasts??? I know I sure would, so let's have a look-see!
This is a picture of all 4 females having been weighed together right after I pulled them from the 7X7X7 box he shipped them in, the day of their arrival.
Notice the whopping gram weight that 3 2010's and 1 2012 female are sitting fat on??? Yeah??? Me either!
728.8 grams, not pounds... I know, I was optimistic, too...


  • image.jpeg
    61.5 KB · Views: 79
So... Here's the nice big spinal kink on the Opal Bloodred female I received from him... A 6 year old 2010 female that weighed an insane 177 grams...
Seems like a big, healthy, robust female, no???


  • image.jpeg
    91.3 KB · Views: 78
And now for the other 3 proven breeders...
I must be just crazy (you know, since I'm an idiot and all) to have let these go...
I must've been out my mind not to have just kept and bred this monster!!!


  • image.jpeg
    114.2 KB · Views: 130
I really thought this girl was dead (or on deaths door) when I pulled her from the bag, but to my surprise, she was just play-kiddin'!
And never mind the poop on her back in the photo, she came fully equipped with that, FREE OF CHARGE!


  • image.jpeg
    102.8 KB · Views: 126
So with all that being said, and animals shown for posterity's sake, here's his sales thread:

Did he not make it sound like they were ready to be bred???
He said, I said that he "lied" about their weights, when I didn't say a thing about that.
What I said was they were misrepresented as being ready to breed, as you can see he did say on his own sales thread...

I didn't ask weights because I'd have assumed no one in their right mind would've bred 2010's and a 2012 this underweight, but... We can't all be Doc's, can we?
Id also like to point out the fact that he charged me $50 for shipping, when in his very own sales thread states that all orders over $500 receive free shipping...
My total for all 4 snakes combined was $525, and he charged me... $575.
The $95 he claims he spent on shipping??? That's the lie, it cost me $49 (and some change) to ship these all in a bigger box with much more added weight to secure and warm them, back to him.

So who's the liar, Doc???


  • image.jpeg
    151.5 KB · Views: 126
Grasping at Straws now ain't we "Doc"???

I figure since he has the thread closed, and won't let me respond, I'll just post his latest "professional" retort against me calling him out.
Now this is how you handle business folks, take note!


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