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  1. M

    What would i get...?

    Hi to ALL! Ive recently recieved a Bubblegum corn and was wondering what would I get if I crossed him to my het4butter/het4motley?? :rolleyes: What would my offspring be?? And how do you breed Bubblegum corns?? Its a LOVELY looking breed to me!!!
  2. M

    I need advise!!!

    :-offtopic HI Im BACK!! Ive been away for a while! I ave some new babys. SNOWS, ZIG-ZAGS, ALBINO?? REVERSE OKEETEE???? :bang: I dont know the difrence between an albino and reverse okeetee!!!! If anyone can post some pics of the diffrenses between the 2 Id be very very happy :crazy02: :crazy02...
  3. M

    Advice Please??!!!!!!!

    :cry: Hi there everyone!! Its been a while since I last visited! I recently bought myself a snowcorn {male} very,very beautifull what would be the best female to mate him with?? :wavey: My female Hetro-Butter motley is gravid at the moment,the male is a bubblegumcorn!! In her first clutch {10}...
  4. M

    How do I....

    ....feed my baby corns for the first time? What :bounce: (copped-up pinks or normal pinks?) and how should i feed them? Its my first time hope its easy and goes well!!! :crazy02:
  5. M

    I`M a DADD!!

    :-offtopic Thanks for your msg on my b-day everyone! :wavey: My snake eggs hatched yesterday! 25of them and tey are sooooooo sweeeet!!! Id have too sell but I dont want to! :rolleyes: What do you think about probing at 2weaks old?? Id like too keep 1female and a male! But dont know witch is...
  6. M


    :devil01: My female okeetee layed 28eggs about 8weaks ago and today she layed 18eggs! :cry: Im scared she might go for a 3! do snakes lay 3times a year? :eatsmiley At the moment I have 3clutche of 2 females and a total of about 56 eggs! 28 will be coming out the 2Februarie ,8 will be the...
  7. M

    I've just noticed...!

    :bounce: I've just noticed that my eggs look like they are drying-out! (1or2 at least!) is that good or bad or is it nearly time for them too hatch? they are still white in colour!?! :shrugs: Everything is normal in my incubator... I THINK?? The heat is about 27degreesC Humidity is about...
  8. M

    I dont know!

    :crazy02: My yearling just layed 8eggs! Im happy ecept for her age shes a yearling! What will i get if my female is HERO-butter HETRO-motley! and my Male a BUBBLEGUM CORN??? :shrugs: PLEASE HELP IF ANYONE CAN?? THANKS!!
  9. M

    dont know when?!?!?

    :-offtopic Hi there every1. Happy new year and all the best in 2005!!! :cheers: My eggs are going to hatch within this weak, but not sure when and what to do with the hatchlings? ANY HELP WILL BE GLADLY APRECIATED?!? :sidestep: OHH... and my female hetro butter hetro motley just layed 8eggs...
  10. M

    Happy! But.....?

    :crazy02: Im happy my female okeetee just layed 25eggs!! And as far as I know its her first clutch, she is 3years old and 70inches long! :shrugs: BUT I dont have a propper incubator! Will it be okay if I keep the eggs in a tupperwear box with moss at 25-30 degrees C? that is how hot my tank...
  11. M

    Can I...?

    :crazy02: Can I huse mouse saw dust as a bedding for my snakes? I am hussing it at the moment and not sure if its okay? :bounce:
  12. M

    How long before...?

    :crazy02: My female 3year old got humped about just over a month ago! She shedded yesterday and doesnt whant too eat! Can it nearly be time for her to lay eggs?? and how long before i put in the moss boxs? Im not sure maybe Im over reacting! :shrugs:
  13. M

    Help!!!! Please!!!!

    At what age does females start to mate!?! :eek1: Mine is about 1year and 2months old and is being humped by my male of the same age! what can happen?? I NEED TO KNOW ASAP!!!! PLEASE HELP! I dont like that at all! :grin01:
  14. M

    Shoe Box? Moss? Eggs? How...

    So I need moss, eggs and a shoe box for my snake to lay her eggs in? How do I know if the humidity is ok? And how long will it take for the eggs to hatch?? (more or less?) :-offtopic AND THANKS TO ALL YOU SNAKE LOVERS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!! IT MEANS ALOT TO US!!! (ME & MY SNAKES) THANKS! :cheers:
  15. M

    What to do....??

    :idea: What can I use to incubate the eggs?? (I dont have an incubator!) Can some1 help? How do i build one ?
  16. M

    Dont know?? (SEX)

    Its time for our mating season here, and I went out and bought myself another female 1.4m long and very healthy. :dancer: The problem is that Im not sure how long it will take the female too get hooked up with my male! and if she will?? ohh.... And thanks too you all about the separating my...
  17. M

    What do i get...??

    :crazy02: All these different tipes of corns all beutifull in there own way!! I've got what we call an bubbelgum male (I think its a Hetro Albino Butter??MALE :idea: ) well what will I get if I mate it whit a Hetro Butter Motley FEMALE?? IF ANY! CAN HELP PLEASE!!!
  18. M

    Just an update!

    :dancer: Im glad my new tank is finnished! and ive got my 2new hatchlings in there whith my 2 older ones. But canibalisem only happens when they are fed togeter or under fed I HEAR, but i read the Forums abuot canibalism, but still not sure! CAN SOME1 GIVE ME MORE INFO PLEASE!!!! :shrugs: