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  • Your reds and Black and Tans are to die for. I may have to plan a trip up to visit if you have any of these for sale in the not too distant future.
    Hi Tara!! Just wanted to let you know that Mojo, Jodu and Hypwhip arrived today. They are huge and fabulous and as bright as okeetees. Thank you so much for passing them on to me, I LOVE them!! Please thank Lauren for me. I hope they produce a perfect pet for you in the future. (Hopefully it will come from Hypwhip!) :)
    Your artwork is gorgeous. I absolutely love the sculptures and all your ponies made me giggle to myself. Beautiful work!
    I love her style! The Whitepawz character she has is my favorite. It's been forever since I've done much in the way of RP.
    I was for a while. This icon was made ages ago by Huskie. I took a break from all things internet for about 6 months or so.
    Shame... you are in for a lovely suprise. (From your avatar snake) I fed everyone today. Carlos is the last--- his ginormous rat is thawing now.
    I tried to rep you for the "boxes and fields" post, but I need to spread it around. That was classic!
    Hi Tara!! I will be able to let you know as the time gets closer. It will be between the 2 holidays for sure. The pressure is building with the time getting closer lol.
    Can't wait to meet Lauren & you. And tell Lauren I said hi & thanks again for holding my snake for me.
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