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  1. jagodzinski

    Urgent Situation I Think

    Hello, I haven't been around for a while, I have moved to college, but only 10 minutes from my house so I come home to check on Jag every couple of days. I also set up a camera to watch her and have people trained in taking care of her. She also just got a clean bill of health from her yearly...
  2. jagodzinski

    Thoughts about UTH when away

    Has anyone ever gone away for a long-ish time in the SUMMER where it gets very hot (about 10 days)? What do you do about your UTH? Do you just feed in advance, allow them to digest before you go and then unplug it? Is that safe for 10 days? (Assuming everything else you have already covered...
  3. jagodzinski

    Sneezing Snake?

    I just got back from a 3 night trip. Because it was so hot the 2nd night (at my home not where I was) someone in my family decided to unplug the UTH. (Jag was not actively digesting so I figured it was fine for a night like that). I got home and plugged it back into the thermostat, reset the...
  4. jagodzinski

    Shedding with a Scab

    So, for those who don't know, Jag has a little scab on her head from rubbing on the screen top (my vet thinks its some sort of breeding season action) and thankfully, that behavior has stopped. The scab is about the size of a mechanical pencil eraser, right on her head. Jag has not eaten in 14...
  5. jagodzinski

    Adding "Loft" to Redirect Injuring Behavior

    So recently Jag has been injuring herself by rubbing on the screen (that is explained in a different thread and I will be calling her vet tomorrow). In the meantime, I was thinking of ways I could redirect her - maybe by getting her some more height. She already has a resin tree thing, but she...
  6. jagodzinski

    Water Bowl Question

    Hello! I was getting Jag a new water bowl at the store today, and at first I was going to get one of those fake rock ones. But I've had those before and I really didn't like them because they were a pain to clean with all of their nooks. Also, for the big one that I would need - they are over...
  7. jagodzinski

    Scab on Head - I'm Worried

    So this past month I have been traveling a lot so I have not spent a lot of time with Jag other than cleaning out her viv and feeding her. She did have a shed a couple of weeks ago that was very close to perfect, with the aid of lots of damp papertowels to hold moisture in better. Anyways...
  8. jagodzinski

    Need help evaluating idea for better shed

    Its pretty dry this time of year in the room where Jag lives (heater is running almost constantly to keep temperature normal). Yesterday, I go to feed Jag (its been about 2.5 weeks since I've been away) and she is in blue. So I decide to put off feeding until she sheds. I set up one of her...
  9. jagodzinski

    Balancing Heat and Humidity

    This winter, it has been very cold in the room where I keep Jag. (Like getting down to 65). So I put a space heater in my room by my snake to get the air temp back up to 72 degrees. And the floor heat gradient is totally fine. However, after running the heat like this for a couple weeks, it...
  10. jagodzinski

    Poop Question

    Just going to preface this post - its a bit gross. I wasn't sure if I should ask about this - because it deals with the grossest side of corn snakes, but I just wanted to make sure Jag is OK. So, anyways, here goes the story.... I fed Jag about 4 days ago. So I was expecting her to poop today...
  11. jagodzinski

    Damp Hide and "Catching a Chill"?

    Jagodzinski's last shed was not too stellar - piecey and I had to help with a damp soak. So this time, I turned one of the hides (plastic tupperware) I know that she already uses (versus a different container) into a damp hide. This was something my vet suggested. I got papertowels damp and...
  12. jagodzinski

    chlorhexidine cleaning

    So I was setting up my snake's brand new larger viv and I decided to clean out the new tank with chlorhexidine gluconate instead of antibacterial soap which is what I used to use. When I diluted it, I only did about a 1:4 ratio which I now understand is much stronger than usually done. I...
  13. jagodzinski

    Heating Pad Setup

    I just got a new 40 gallon tank (I had a 29 gallon) for my snake. With the 29 gallon setup, I sandwiched the heating pad between a piece of foam insulation and the bottom of the glass and carved channels for the wires. However, with the new tank I plan on using those furniture raisers so there...
  14. jagodzinski

    New Viv - Need help setting up

    Good morning! I just got back from Petsmart where I got a 40 gallon breeder tank made by Aqueon for 40 dollars! 1 dollar / 1 gallon sale. I am very happy :) So I have a couple questions.... 1. How should I clean out this tank? It is really too big to fit under the sink. I was thinking spray...
  15. jagodzinski

    Striations and New Behavior

    Hello - I was not home for a couple days, and when I got home, my snake was not in her warm side and I noticed the temp got to 91* on the warm side (I usually keep it at 86*). So I lowered the thermostat it and I found her laying on poop in the cool side. So I took her out, cleaned out the viv...
  16. jagodzinski

    PVC Tubing?

    My snake loves the hang out in toilet paper tubes, but she frequently gets poop on them so I have to throw them out. I was wondering if PVC tubing is safe for snakes. Because I was thinking I could have some PVC tubes around the outside of the tank for her to explore. Or maybe, could you even...
  17. jagodzinski

    Evaluate New Viv Setup

    Just wondering if I could get some opinions on a change I made in my snake's vivarium. For the last year I have used papertowels, but recently I wanted to make the viv more snug for my cornsnake. So today, while she was eating, I shredded up some papertowels into strips about 1 inch by 24 inch...
  18. jagodzinski

    Bad Shedding Problem

    Hello - my snake finally shed (which I was eagerly anticipating as her last one was bad). This time I offered a humid hide, when I handled her I would let her run through damp paper towels - so I thought we would be back on track for good sheds. This morning, I wake up and find two little...
  19. jagodzinski

    Hissing Wheeze?

    About my snake: 6 years old, no major health concerns. Appropriate heating. Not too humid although recently added a humid hide box at the recommendation of my vet to help her shed better as her last few have been rough and left her scales irritated. About 1 year ago I noticed after being...
  20. jagodzinski


    I have a 29 gallon tank for my almost 6 year old. The green thing to the right of her water bowl is a humidity hide to help with shedding. Also, there are some paper towel tubes in the back you can't see that she loves.